Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dear, "Finger Pointer"...

So I did it. I made a list. A fantastic list of goals to hit for 2010.
I dreamt it. I wanted it. So... I committed to it... right here. On paper.

I was driven to write my list by a burning desire. A desire to NOT have to get a day job next year... with costs going up, things are getting bit tougher around the studio. So I made a commitment to myself to work my ass off... even more than ever.

I will increase my sales by 150% this year. I need to... and therefore I WILL.

There is no, "woes me" this, "the economy" that... I just don't buy in. All through the past two years that I have been on my own as a full time artist, I have maintained a POSITIVE attitude towards creating and selling my work. I have diversified what I sell, to whom I sell, and where I sell. Another words I make it a priority to have a PLAN. And for those couple years I have maintained a positive cash flow. It IS possible. People ARE buying art! You just have to be proactive and go out and find them.

So. Why am I sharing all this? I WANT TO INSPIRE YOU - Are you the finger pointer? The victim? The, "I can't"? The, "It's not possible"? The pessimist? The self doubter?... QUIT. IT.

So too often I come into contact with other artist's (professional & emerging) that could use a little kick in the pants! Kind of like I did when I was whining about not painting and didn't have time... blah blah blah... or that have bought into the fact that it is just the economy that is the reason why they aren't selling anything. Step out of the victim role and be willing to reinvent yourself in order to do what you love! Just a suggestion. Sometimes total bliss comes from a little bit of compromise.

I know we all don't think the same way as Jen. And that Jen is not the all knower, all seer. AND I realize that we all have different ways of doing things and processing things in our lives... thank god for all that. I just know that what I have done for myself has been successful for ME and if writing this helped one person out there to step forward in their own career, then my life has all that much more purpose on this earth.

So while there is no guarantee that I will hit ALL my goals this year, there is one guarantee... that I WILL be working harder than ever to make it happen! And I am a believer that with strong willed drive, optimism, and assertiveness, the world is at your fingertips! Grab the bull by the horns people and you will be in for a great ride!

Now. Sit down. Grab a pen and make a list. It doesn't hurt a bit. Have some wine and it will be a breeze! (I am not condoning the consumption of multiple alcoholic beverages as a means for stimulating the mind... NEVER. Just ONE glass people. One glass.)

So, if my "slap in the face" style of inspiring you isn't your cup of tea... and you are looking for a softer inspirational approach, check out this blog entry to get you started on mapping out your own success. Read these Artbiz Blog posts here:

OR see what the possibilities are... I posted my accomplishments... here.

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Tell me! What are your lofty goals are this year? Your turn to share.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! Now that's how you inspire people! :) Hahaha, if you ever need a day job I'll put in a good work for you to be a manager where I work (team leaders are important) lmao. Making a list is the best way to keep focused and on top of agenda's that's for sure. My goal is to sell my paintings that are sitting around doing nothing...and eventually get the drill in my garage so I can finish my scrabble pendants ;) I've been "meaning to get it" all week...and here I sit reading blogs while waiting for dinner to finish cooking! I seriously need to get organized...Keep posting these inspiring messages Jen, people like me like the slap in the face approach!


Brian Rio said...

Really great to see this Jen. You've set goals that are attainable yet challenging and I think we all (collectively) would love to see you succeed.

You're an inspiration to creatives.


P.S. in the yeeeeear twooo thowwsand (and ten). <- awesome.

Jean Bradbury said...

Please add 'visit with Jean" to your list. I want to see what you have been making.

vinodkumar said...

your are really one of the awesome artist i have seen, i wish you all the best and a lot thanks for the messages that are very inspiring...
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