Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year, New Goals, New Trees, and a Quest to Find Bert!

I couldn't help but post two entries tonight. I am discovering that my blog is getting wordier by the day... I hope I'm not put everyone to sleep with my stories and lengthiness! 

2009 is here and I have discovered that I have so many new and exciting adventures to plan for the new year! December was creatively slow for me and over the past few days I have broken free of my slump by doing a lot of reflecting on the my accomplishments for the new year. At the advice of Alyson B Stanfield and her blog "ArtBiz", I chose to take a pen to paper and do a bit of writing to cleanse my artist brain before taking 2009 by the horns.

I recommend reading the following blog posts by Alyson. They are great ideas on how to get your year started in the right direction. She is a great motivator and inspires me in many ways.

"Blast off in the New Year", helps with fresh brainstorming ideas on marketing and goal setting for artists.

"Your 2008 Accomplishments", is an excellent post about reflecting and celebrating your successes wether big or small.

I took an moment before bed a couple nights ago to write down my 2008 accomplishments. I am sharing them with you here, not to brag, or show off in any manner. I share this personal list with you, my fellow artist's friends, because I think some may benefit by seeing what can be accomplished in a year if you are in similar shoes... Before I ventured out on my own a year ago, I had a friend that shared his accomplishments with me and it helpful to see what someone else could do... it set the bar high and contributed to my success this past year.

What I got done this past year... in no particular order

Started my business, Jennifer Phillips Art, as a full time artist!
Had over 12 shows at different venues in Seattle, WA.
Exceeded my sales goal I set for myself by 300%!
Painted over 259 paintings!
Sold over 111 paintings!
Sold over 25 prints!
Approached by 4 galleries in Washington state.
Approached by over 4 print companies locally and internationally.
Signed with Genisis Giclee & Gallery, a national printing company, in Woodenville, WA.
Started a blog in July, Daily Encounters with my Paintbrush.
Started an online store at Sold 6 paintings/prints since September.
Applied and accepted to sell my work at Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA. (picked out of 200 applicants, only 13 accepted)
Painted over 5 commission pieces.
Gained confidence in showing, talking about, and presenting myself as an artist. "I am an artist, it's is my profession."
Inspired other artist's/friends through my blog, website, print material, work, and drive.
Invited to participate in a show at the Howard/Mandville Gallery in Kirkland, WA.
Participated in a solo show for 1st Thursday in Pioneer Square Seattle, WA.
Obtained my own studio space that I call my own.
Accepted (1st try) to the Bellevue Arts Fair in Bellevue, WA.
Published/featured in an article for Ampersand Art about my technique. (coming out in Feb.)
Published in and developed a set of oil paints for Daniel Smith Artist Materials.

I invested in myself and my business in these ways...

Attended several "Artist Tool-Kit" lectures at GAGE Academy in Seattle, WA.
Attended free demonstrations on technique at Daniel Smith Artist Materials.
Read several books:
Art Marketing 101
Internet 101
Licensing Art 101
Art Office
Smart Couples Finish Rich
The Artist's Way
The Success Principles, Jack Canfield
Subscribed to art magazines:
Subscribed to Artbiz blog
Assigned myself studio hours/days.
Used Mondays as my "marketing" days for planning.
Made time to social network online.
Set up a budget on my computer and a book-keeping system to manage my business and see my growth in numbers.
Visited Seattle Art Museum and several local galleries on a regular basis.

What I realize from this list...

I need to make more time for painting large work. I strayed from my studio hours towards the end of the year and spent a lot of time marketing. This year I would like to take a couple road trips to paint in the field and come back with some new material. I would also like to enter competitions, and do more art fairs this year. I also would like to meet and maintain more artist, network, network! 
And last but not least, I will find my long lost brush Bert. As we all know he has been missing since the move and I have neglected to do anything about it... no search parties, no release of the hound dogs, and no I haven't even lifted a finger to rummage through my many unpacked boxes in my studio to find him! It will be done!

Happy New Year Everyone!