Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Palette of Fancy Colors

I truly believe that palettes are works of art in themselves... hours and hours of mindless play go into them, all that time spent creating endless arrangements of color, little formulas that are literally the building blocks of a painting. 

I say "mindless" lightly though, as I realize that much thought goes into working out color... but I find myself getting lost in these moments at times, smooshing color around with my palette knife. I think that is why I started having to write some of my color recipes down next to each swatch... I day dream so much that I forget how I got there!


Arco Scheepen said...

I gather that you work with disposable palettes; in fact I think that keeping the interesting palettes and writing down the recipes is actually a very good idea. I'm a little colorblind, and do have a bit of a problem with mixing colors. Maybe this can help me a bit....

Jennifer Phillips said...

yeah, I have always been a fan of the disposable palette. Glass is nice but I always got a bit anxious about wiping away all my color swatches in order to keep it clean... I was wiping away all my hard work and having to reinvent the wheel so to speak each time. This seems to work for me the best... I also now put plastic wrap on all my colors when I close up shop for the night. The plastic really seals them nicely and surprisingly the paint doesn't stick so bad to the plastic when you go to peal it off. It keeps my colors from developing a skin.
Off to paint some more right now on my commission! See you tonight at my next posting!