Saturday, April 11, 2009

Arms Up!

"Arms Up"
2"x4" Oil on Canvas
You likie? I shippy. 

Guess what!? I'VE BEEN TAGGED! How exciting is THAT!? My first tag... makes me so happy... sniff sniff - I am so honored to have received "A Passion for Painting" award AND even more honored that it was given to me by such a remarkable artist, Steven Walker!  I am blushing. Thank you soooo much! 

According to the rules of being tagged, I am supposed to link to the artist that tagged me, list seven things that I love, choose seven other artist's to pass the award to, and then notify them of the award... so, here 'goes...

7 Things I Love (besides the obvious husband, family, etc.)

1. All things food.
2. All things sweet (IE. candy, chocolate - make good gifts... hint hint.)
3. All things itty bitty. (IE. teeny tiny, miniature - like "Oh my goooosh, that's so tiny I have to buy it!")
4. The smell of oil paint in my studio. (Except when I've forgotten to ventilate and pass out from toxic fumes.)
5. Early Ford Broncos and many other classic cars. (Especially my STOLEN Bronco... Jerks.)
6. Snakes, Chameleons, and Lizards. (At one point I owned 2 large boa constrictors, a Jackson's Chameleon, 2 Bearded Dragons, and worked in a pet store cuz I couldn't get enough.)
7. Answering technical questions about art materials, helping people, and making people smile. (Used to work 10 years for an art supply company where I did this all the time in a retail environment... now I try to find ways to do it in my every day life.)

7 Fantastic Artist's (including Steven Walker) to drool over


ambera said...

Awesome, thanks so much Jennifer!!
Your work is so amazing, I love visiting your blog.
Happy Easter!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Oh, thank you, Jennifer. I'm really touched. Ta, as we say over here.

Jennifer Phillips said...

Love to frequent your blog's too... you are both very inspiring to me!

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

I knew there was another reason I liked are a reptile lover. Aren't chameleons the best?. My family gave me a Veiled chameleon for Mother's Day many years ago. The best present ever. "Horace" is no longer with me, but he was such an awesome companion.
Nice to learn more about you.

(Is "Daylight at Marymoor" for sale?)

Jennifer Phillips said...

HI Kim!
My chameleon was my most favoritest friend in the whole wide (animal) world! His name was George. I obsessed over him... he lasted almost 5 years with me in captivity before he pooped out on me with a jaw infection. (pout) Wish for another but they are so high maintenance! Maybe again one day... always wanted a veiled - they are much bigger!

YES! Daylight at Marymoor is still available through the Lucia Douglas Gallery for purchase. I think she has it listed at $475. Let me know if you have any questions!

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you posting the WIP of the charcoal. I love it. I will have to try that paper ....always looking for new surfaces.

Poor dear....I've had that gum surgery. I feel your pain.

I really likey Daylight. The simplicity and stillness and the beautiful blue across the horizon reminds me of when the sun would catch the underside of the leaves of the eucalyptus trees in the field behind the house of my childhood. Silly me though. I thought it was part of the grouping posted above it and didn't realize it was a larger piece and therefore sold for more. I wish I was raking in the $'s to be able to afford it, Jennifer. I treasure the little print of yours that I own. Someday, I'd love an original.

Jennifer Phillips said...

Gums are healin thanks for the good vibes... I have ran into so many people that have had the same surgery! Weird. I didn't realize it was so common... no wonder my doctor is a rich man.

Daylight can easily be recreated in a pocket size if you like... I will be painting a bunch of newbies for my show in a couple weeks and I will see if I can come up with one for you... no obligations!

I will let you know if something comes of it! Thank you for all the compliments Kim, I am so happy we connected online - your work is wonderful too!

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