Thursday, April 9, 2009

Back from Thailand... back in the game!

17 days in Phuket, Thailand... WOW! What an experience. I won't bore you with braggy details of my fantastic vacation in 90 degree weather, scuba diving, sampling the most amazing foods, and sipping beers on almost every beach Thailand had to offer... But what I will share is this one photo - cuz if any of you have seen the movie "The Man with the Golden Gun", a James Bond flick, THIS photo should feel a little familiar. The rock behind me is featured as the headquarters in the movie. Thai's call this place James Bond Island. It was breathtaking! 

One thing is for sure, every trip I go on I do the same thing... I pack all my supplies to draw or paint with watercolors and then NEVER DO IT! Well I shouldn't say never, because I have in the past, but I certainly did not on this vacation. I must have really needed a vacation, that is my excuse. Actually I have one more... it was so fricken hot!!! It was hard to do anything in the day other than absorb rays and swim in the largest bathtub of an ocean until Mr. Sun went away. So now that I have returned and semi gotten back into the flow of my little artistic life, I am ready to dive in and get back in the game!

Tuesday I took my studio outside. It was the third day of sun and warmth in Seattle, and I just couldn't stand for being all cooped up in my studio to paint that day. It was fantastic! The sun, the cool breeze, the view... it was perfect! I met several new people who had come down to Kerry Park for the fabulous view AND met up with several others that had learned of my outing that day from my Twitter post before I left for the park. I ended up staying for 4 hours. The only reason why I left is because I had to pee. (Sorry- Probably too much information) But two bottles of water will do that to a person!

I used most of the day to begin painting a new series of REALLY tiny paintings... in fact they are THEE tiniest paintings I have ever done! And I am in love with them, cuz I am obsessed with all things little and precious.

These little trees are painted on vintage Scrabble tiles and made to hang as a pendant on any necklace or chain. I will talk more about them in my next post because I am making them available for purchase online as we speak... Mother's Day IS coming up you know! (wink)

Anyway, I am so glad to be back and with two new shows coming up, I have a lot on my creative plate! I am so rejuvenated I can't wait to see what comes off my brush next... because I am going back to painting large for awhile! Whoo hoo!


Deborah said...

Hi Jen, sounds like you had a wonderful time (even if a tad on the hot side) in Thailand!

Now that the tropical sun and breezes have done their refreshing, rejuvenating magic... I am sure you'll be painting with renewed vigor and FUN! : )

Cathyann said...

Just found your blog and am glad I did! I find this time easiest to catch up on all the ways to network and not sacrifice painting time during the day.
Thanks for sharing all this mind boggling information.
I love your idea here on the scrabble tile!

Dick Rink said...

Hi Jennifer, thanks for your nice words on my blog. I'm following your work for a while now and I think your work is so much better than mine. so you'll understand your compliments mean a lot to me.

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words...

楊承琳yaya said...
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