Tuesday, October 29, 2019

I've been talking about it for TWO years... offering up my work at a fraction of the cost to my friends, followers, and collectors, in an effort to make room for new.

It was a hard decision and I have never done this in this capacity before! But I am in a new season, my studio is moving (aka temporarily shutting down), and all of these pieces will be in storage until I am ready to rent another studio. I MUST LET THEM GO.

If any of these images make your heart sing, please email me HERE: jenphillipsart@gmail.com to discuss a method of payment. For serious inquiries that need more images I can take more photos and send them to you so you see the sides and how it hangs. LOCALS in the Seattle area can talk to me about arranging a visit to see these pieces in person. I take Venmo, Paypal, and Credit Card.

While I can ship outside of the Seattle area, I will need to research costs on a case by case basis (serious inquiries only as I have to drive down to UPS with it to get a quote with the artwork. Expect a few hundred for shipping on large pieces as they need to be packaged with care to reduce damage during transit).

Please let me know if you have any questions!

 A Kind Gesture
Oil on Wood Panel
$1300 SALE $650 ($650 off)

 Along the Way
Oil on Wood Panel

Oil on Wood Panel

 Branching Out
Oil on Wood Panel
$1595 SALE $795 ($800 off)

A Familiar Place
Oil on Canvas

Oil on Wood Panel

Darkness Falls
Oil on Wood Panel
$1925 SALE $675 ($1250 off)

 The Last Dance
Oil on Wood Panel

 In a Row
Oil Pastel on Board
12x16 Image Size
This Painting is Framed with UV Glass
$395 SALE $165 ($230 off)

 On the Green
Oil on Wood Panel
$2550 SALE $975 ($1275 off)

 Progression SOLD
Oil on 3 Wood Panels (Triptych)

 Reaching Within
Oil on Wood Panel

Oil on Wood Panel

Oil and Mixed Media On Wood Panel
$2250 SALE $945 ($1305 off)

Oil Pastel on Board
8x10 image size
Framed with UV Glass
$395 SALE $165 ($230 off)

 Surrounded SOLD
Oil on Wood Panels (Diptych)

 Tree Line
Oil on Wood Panel
$1375 SALE $550 ($825 off)

 Village 1 (study)
Oil on Canvas
$2975 SALE $495 ($2480 off)

 Village 2 (study)
Oil on Canvas
$2450 SALE $375 ($2075 off)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sold Work

 Progression SOLD
Oil on 3 Wood Panels (Triptych)

 Surrounded SOLD
Oil on Wood Panels (Diptych)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Break Through 2014

"Beautiful Silence", Oil on wood panel, 10x10
Available through the Brackenwood Gallery

Yes, it is true. And I have said it before... I have neglected my blog. Oh, how I have miss you so (kissing screen right now).

Today thanks to one of my favorite artists and fellow blogger, Alicia Tormey (encaustics MASTER, no joke), I clicked on her blog, got inspired, and then clicked on my own blog! Whoa. And so, here I type to you (or really just me, 'cuz I am the only one that is listening right now).

If you have landed here today, please enjoy poking around a bit (but don't steal anything), and I encourage you to sign up for my email list and follow my posts here and on my Facebook page, for I am social media addicted! Blah De Blah Blah right? No way, I am serious.

Right now it is nap time.  I have about an hour and a half to do everything not related to my role as a mommy. Dishes, laundry, gutter cleaning, poop scooping... the list is infinite. But instead, I got inspired to journal for a moment. So this is just a quick LONG note to tell the world, and fellow blog followers that may have been wondering where I have been for so long, that I am a new mom (even though my kiddo is 2 now) and I spend ALL of my time enjoying spending ALL of my time with her. She is my best creation to date. And while sometimes I find that I am a little lost with out a regular studio schedule and well frankly, begin to pout out loud about it more than I should... I quickly realize that this little girl of mine is so fulfilling in so many big ways and is growing sooooo quickly, that I need to and want to be and ARE, "all in" as a parent.

So here I am. A mom. Learning every day how to balance my new role with my demanding artistic self (and also trying to silence that evil inner critic that seems to have such a loud voice). In the time that I do allow myself to create, I have been off on a side adventure making all sorts of jewelry. Short spurts during a nap or after my daughter goes to sleep at night, I tend to gravitate to assembling and building new jewelry designs and it is really gratifying! (and easy to pick up and put down, unlike my lengthy oil painting process) You can see what I have been creating here in my Etsy shop, then please buy something because of this:

I do still find time to paint too! It just takes way longer to finish one. I do small work when I can, like the one above, but last year I was fortunate enough to do several large commission pieces which is my absolute favorite! 

I am really really interested in finding other women (and men too) that balance their parental responsibilities and being an artist. I think it is so inspiring to read about those that have really made it work for them (and their families) and to hear about others struggles and successes in the process.

So what direction is this blog going? I am not sure - a little of this/a little of that, new painting announcements and jewelry designs, and well, since I am a mom first and foremost, probably A LOT about my daily opportunities and adventures between toddler and my creative process. (warning: there may be some whiny tidbits, and woah's me moments, but they are always in good fun with humor and an underlying tinge of my "make fun of myself" attitude. Thank you for your understanding)

Know any new mom's going through the same growth as I? PLEASE SHARE MY BLOG - let's start a dialogue and create a support network to inspire and motivate! (if you need that sort of thang like me!)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Brackenwood Gallery Show Opening

"A View of Notions", Oil on Wood Panel, 36x72  diptych

Well HellllooOOOOOooooo there! It's been a while since my last post due to baby duty... or shall I say, baby "dooty"... but I am excited to announce that I had my first solo show opening last night at the Brackenwood Gallery in Langley, WA. 

Yes, I recently found some time to get up to my studio and paint! Thanks to the loving support of family and friends that watched Avery while I spent the time I desperately needed, with my paint brushes. In fact, my dad flew out here from Chicago for a whole month just to hang out with his new grand daughter, so that I could finish my work. Amazing. And boy was it worth it! The show was a complete success! I met many new wonderful people of Whidbey Island, WA and ended up selling FOUR paintings to all new collectors! 

If you are local and are interested in stopping by the gallery, the show is up until October 29th. Also view a virtual tour online of the show by pressing the "click to view" button above! 

Thank you to all my collectors, friends, and family for making this show possible and for giving me a renewed energy to get back into the studio and paint paint paint!!!!! 

While this is the first show and ONLY show of the year for me, I look forward to what 2013 has to offer... my studio time is limited but I am looking at that as a GOOD thing. It has forced me to slow down a bit with my painting process as a result my work is more thoughtful. New things are on the horizon for my easel and I! And I have one cute little baby girl to thank for all that. 

"Avery Lynn Phillips", Tiny Baby made with sugar spice and everything nice

Monday, March 26, 2012

I've Had a Baby Girl!

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Introducing my newest and best creation yet!
Avery Lynn Phillips

Soooo, yeeeaaaah.... uuuuhm, I've been gone from this blog for a while. I apologize to all my followers. And thank you to those that have reached out to me to find out what I have been up to during my pregnancy.

I am on a bit of "maternity leave" at the moment from my art career and plan to return very soon... once I can get back into a routine at the studio. I am hoping this cute little girlie will be accompanying me as my assistant! (wink)

I DO have a solo show planned this year in October, at the Brackenwood Gallery in Langley, WA, and look forward to all the new work that I will be producing here in the near future... I feel new techniques and directions on the horizon. This likely will be my only show this year involving my larger paintings.

Until then I have been pouring my creative energy into photography and digital art! Can you believe it? My newest medium of choice - NO TOXIC FUMES to deal with in the studio! Due to my lack of time and ease ability of uploading artwork directly from my iPhone... I mainly have been using Facebook for my social media addiction. So for the time being, please follow me on Facebook for my latest updates on art, baby, and more!

Visit my NEW blog!!! It's about Avery and HER adventures. Follow us at:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Stolen Jewelry FOUND today in Seattle!

Today was an incredible day...

But rewind for a minute... If you hadn't heard by now, a week ago, my car was broken into after making a delivery to the Columbia City Gallery. So of course, my little Jeep was full of my hand-painted teeny tiny Scrabble Tile jewelry... and of course, I had "Baby Brain" (yes. I am pregnant.), as I ran my next errand at Good Will and promptly left my jewelry and other personal items out in plain view for someone to steal from me... so, of course, as I didn't expect, and didn't deserve, someone DID.

Valued at over $11,000, my art and personal items were gone in a flash. All of my best jewelry pieces (2 months of hard work) were to be shown at Art in the Pearl in Oregon next weekend... and they were, welp, I had no idea where they were... and feared the worst. I panicked for a short lived moment, while quickly trying to cancel my cell phone service to my, now stolen, iPhone... and then snapped out of it (sort of). I wasn't going to go without a fight!!!

PROACTIVE became my middle name. I contacted police immediately and when I got home, Facebooked and Tweeted until my fingers were blue! I had help from local online papers like the Renton Patch, Queen Anne News, and Edmonds News, writing about my ordeal... and finally my fantastic brother got the idea to get local TV news involved, so we frantically started hitting the phones... my goal? To reach out to the community for help - I was praying that someone, somewhere, would eventually see something.

So Komo 4 News and Q13 Fox News both came out to interview me. I was so grateful they were interested in my story. It was a surreal experience being on tv... and after that my life was impacted in such amazing ways. I began to received emails and comments from friends, family, and people I had never even met... all supporting me and sending so many good wishes! It was such an amazing feeling. All week, the love just kept pouring in! And as the days went by, I was able to let go of my loss, of all the hours that I had poured into my work, and was really feeling the calming effects of seeing this experience as "it is what it is".

So today, for the first time since my ordeal, I was packing up my things to go to the studio and get back to work, when I discovered I had missed a message on my phone at home. Komo 4 News had received a tip that my jewelry box had been FOUND! The poor little baby in my tummy was involuntarily doing summersaults as I jumped around my room yelling, clicking my heals with excitement!!! I was floored! It couldn't beeeeeee! But yes, it was true!

I was promptly put in touch with a wonderful talented girl, Geneiva Arunga, who I was so fortunate to have met today. She and several other artist's had come across my missing box of jewelry at a bus stop right out in front of their studio at M.I.H Records... just a couple miles away from where it was taken! Komo 4 News covered our story today as I was reunited with my little painted gems and as I got to thank several of the artists at M.I.H. Records for their good Samaritan deeds!

Needless to say, I am a strong believer in synchronicity and the law of attraction... there is a reason why all this happened to me. There is a reason why these wonderful people where drawn into my life. I am excited to spend some time thinking of creative ways to "pay it forward"... to give back to those that have really enhanced my life so graciously.

Thank you everyone for your support in my artistic adventures... You really are the reason why I do what I do.

Please help me share the love...
* Check out the work of hip hop artist Big-Dubb, that I met today... holy talented!!!
* And don't forget to go "Like" M.I.H. Records fan page on Facebook
* AND listen to the spoken words of Geneiva Arunga, a fabulous poet, who's passion for art and caring heart have truly touched me today...

Please follow me on Facebook or Twitter for the latest "Jen Things"... I am getting lazy with my blogging these days.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Getting Lots of Press

Recently published in American Art Collector Magazine! (April 2011 issue)

I want to thank everyone that came out to my show at the Cole Gallery! You all made it really fun! Since I typically fail at taking pictures during ANY of my events, I thought I would post a copy of what the Cole Gallery wrote about on their Facebook page.

Also, for whatever reason, this past month I have attracted tons of press!!! Ok, tons, is an exaggeration. But it feels like tons, because prior to last month, I had never gotten press before in my whole life! Two online articles, one ad in Seattle Magazine, and a two page spread in American Art Collector Mag! What. The. Heck! Awesome! (someone high five me)

I though I would share the links so you could read all about me. Cuz I know you have nothing better to do right?

Don't forget to sneak a peek at this April issue of American Art Collector Magazine... page 108 & 109. It shows some of the new paintings now available for purchase through the Cole Gallery! It's not available online unless you have a subscription, so you will have to pick it up in a store new you.

Lastly, just a quick announcement for April 2nd... I have another opening at the Lucia Douglas Gallery in Bellingham, WA! Help me spread the word! Seven new large works will be on display! Between these past two shows, I have painted more this year than allllllll of last year combined! I'm lovin' life! Now, I just gotta sell something.

To visit the online version of the article below that was written by Shannon Black at the Cole Gallery, please click here. Why would you want to? Because you can leave comments there and see what others had to say... just sayin'.

Our St. Patrick’s Day Art Walk was a blast! Feature artists Jennifer Phillips and Lisa Lamoreaux brought an enchanting show full of wonder and whimsy.

Every piece of art seemed to sing along with the roving pipe band that walked the downtown streets of Edmonds. A sense of merriment enraptured all of us as we toasted the night away with a glass of champagne and good friends by our side decked out in green.

If you haven’t seen Jennifer and Lisa’s show yet, come on down to the gallery! These pieces will sweep you away to a lovely place.

We can’t wait to see you at our next big party on Saturday, April 9th from 6-9pm as we unveil Patty Forte Linna’s show “Passion,” a look into the life and passions of couture fashion designer Luly Yang.

(Contributed by Shannon Black, Gallerina)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Art Opening, Got Published, and NEW paintings!

If you already haven't received my emails, event postings on Facebook, Tweets, and heard me screaming from the top of a mountain about my upcoming show... then here is my final attempt to put my work in front of your nose! SO many new paintings to be had, I just can't wait for the opening!

Especially because this time, I am showing with a very good friend of mine, Lisa Lamoreaux! Did you know we met on TWITTER? She tweeted, I responded, and we have been friends ever since! And to think, that if we didn't have Social Networking??? We would have never crossed paths! Whew, glad we did. Check out her work. Matter of fact, just check out our show online or in person at the Cole Gallery!

Champagne Reception
Thursday, March 17th
Edmonds, WA

Click here to see my show online (or at least most of it)

"Release Me" - diptych, by Jennifer Phillips
36x72, Oil on Wood Panels

"All Things are Beautiful", by Lisa Lamoreaux
Oil with Mixed Media, 36x24
Available for purchase through Cole Gallery
See her available work online here.

LOOK FOR ME! I will be featured in the April issue of American Art Collector Magazine! Coming soooooooon to a mag stand near you!!!

For more info about upcoming shows in my near future, please visit my website here.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Waiting for My Creative Muse...

So. This is what I have to do sometimes... just lay and wait for something to happen. It is often I show up to the "easel" and... begin to panic... over-think... worry... over-plan... try to control EVERYTHING about my painting or a show I am painting for. Well today I learned (from my fantastic friend and painter Lisa Lamoreaux) that you can't micromanage your creative muse. If you do, she doesn't show. You can't control her. And I have no business even trying. My job is to paint. That's it! Just show up, it's that easy.

So today, after spending a great deal of time worrying about what colors to use, what if I forgot how to paint, is this piece too big for the show, what will I paint next, blah blah blah... After spending as much time as I could in swimming in self sabotage, I finally shut down my over active inner critic and... guess what? - my muse showed up!

The following resulted after spending 5 hours of time NOT thinking at all:

Untitled Diptych
Oil on two wood panels

The start to my new year has been wonderful! (except for the part where I got Pneumonia) I have moved into a new studio in Renton, WA with a wonderful friend and inspiring artist, Lisa Lamoreaux. This new space has a lot more walls that will allow for me paint bigger and work on several things at once. Additionally, my new studio mate and I are business buddies and accountability partners! It has been so amazing spending time with Lisa on a regular basis to share ideas, plan our year, and simply check in with each other on our goals etc... I think after spending the last three years painting at home really makes me realize now how important it is to be surrounded by other artists. It is super motivating. Especially because we share a lot of the same drive and passion for what we do... I look forward to new adventures this year indeed!

I have a full schedule again this year with 2 shows coming up this March and April at the Cole Gallery and Lucia Douglas Gallery. AND I am happy to announce that I will be featured in American Art Collector Magazine this coming April!!! Lots of new things on the horizon I will be sharing more later!

Please join Jennifer Phillips Art on FACEBOOK for more up to date daily posts and in progress work photos!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Time to Reflect

Oil on Panel
SOLD through the Cole Gallery

GasP! It's a miracle! She types again! Yes, I have abandoned my blog tremendously over the past few months... It's all due to that darn "list of things I wanna accomplish" post that I made at the beginning of the year. (to see the post "Dear Finger Pointer", that I am referring to click here)

But that is all ok. I new, with such steep goals, I would get derailed from the regular things in life, from the routine that I so enjoyed controlling... I had hoped I wouldn't, but I tend to fool myself sometimes.

So needless to say, I have been getting emails and inquiries from some of you asking, " So? What happened Jen? HelloooOOOO? What were the results? What did you accomplish? Did you like doing all those art fairs? Any advice?"... and my response? Well, I'm still thinking about all that.

It has been a few weeks since my last show of the year, and I have yet to make the time to sit down with myself and analyze everything. But I will. And I need to. Because if I, Jen Phillips business owner painter person, want to continue to be successful, I need to put a new plan o' tack in place for next year based off of my successes AND failures from THIS year... NOW!

So over the next couple weeks, while I am trying to paint 3 new paintings for a show at the Cole Gallery in January, plan an additional 15 or so for an other two shows at galleries in March and April, and finish all the custom orders I owe some collectors, (and breathe), I will be using my nights to self analyze and plan. And then I will post again, for you to see, how crazy I actually am...

In the mean time, while you are waiting for me to get my bloggie act together, stop by the Cole Gallery in Edmonds to check out my newest paintings on display!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Best of the Northwest, My Last Show of the Year!

Well it is bitter sweet... my last major show of 2010. If you live here in Seattle, please don't miss this one. It's huge! I have a small handful of FREE tickets. If you are definitely wanting to attend this weekend, please let me know and I can send one to you. Just say so in the comments section below. Hurry, cuz I only have a few!

I look forward to getting back to the studio to focus on a new body of work for several show line ups in early 2011. Time to turn on the heater and rev up my creative brain for a few months of painting big! Can't wait!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Local 14 Show in Portland this weekend!

Hope to see you there! Help me spread the word.... it's a FOUR day event! I will have my jewelry and paintings both on display as guest artist! Check it out by clicking here: LOCAL 14
Also, as I always say... find me on Facebook these days... with my crazy schedule I am posting more fun things there all the time... I share soooo many links to sooooo many opportunities there! Click here to visit my "fan" page.

My show season is coming to a close. Only one more show in November and then I will be back to doing a little bit more blogging. I will see you soon!

Oooh oooh! I almost forgot! I have also stocked both of my stores with new jewelry items for the holidays! Check them out on the sidebar to the left -------->