Monday, March 9, 2009

The Lucia Douglas Gallery Opening

Pocket Landscape Cluster
all sold individually 
$50 each

Daylight at Marymoor
Oil on Panel

In the Moment
Oil on Panel
Oil on Panel

Shine II
Oil on Panel

Oil on Panel

The above paintings are all currently on display at the Lucia Douglas Gallery in Bellingham, WA. (please contact them directly for pricing and purchase information). The show is called "10x10 Square" and I am so honored to be a part of it... Saturday's opening night was amazing as I met so many wonderful people and fellow artists alike! 

These are the last paintings I finished before I head out of the country tomorrow. Going on a new adventure to Thailand for 17 days. I don't believe that I will be able to post much from so far away. I look forward to new painting ideas and inspirations, sketches, and many tales to tell upon my return! Take care everyone! I will blog with you soon!


Arco Scheepen said...

Lovely paintings yet again! I hope your show has great success. Have a great holiday!

drawings said...

I love your landscapes!
good luck

adam said...

I'm impressed at what you can do in such a small place. I came a cross your work by looking at Dave Malan's page. I like your work very much. It's motivating my to finish a landscape of my own.

David Patterson said...

What a wonderful talent you the series of paintings above!

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words!