Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another First

Slow Dance
11x14 Oil on Panel
Show coming this November 13th

First painting accomplished in my new studio space... ✓ (check!)... Expect to see more of this subject matter from me. I am now officially obsessed. Painting negative and positive space is almost entrancing. The branches are so fragile looking and entangled - they make really wonderful patterns. 

... wow, my studio looks so cluttered already... sure doesn't feel that way when I'm in it! Today I escaped up the ladder to the roof top to gaze at the sun as I contemplated how I was going to start my piece. A great way to clear my head, especially cuz it wasn't raining!


Brian Rio said...

Oh my god you have a ladder. (imagine me saying this in my best K. Tivnan voice)

Jennifer Phillips said...

Yeah, I already have managed to fall down it once. I was on a mission to eat some soup for lunch.

Casey Klahn said...

Congrats on the new studio!

May you prosper there and continue with great art.

Ken said...

I really like the colour scheme of this painting, always been a fan of brown sepia palettes!

Cool studio too :D