Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Ambitious Year Ahead

The winning photo you helped me choose!

So first of all, thanks for taking the time to vote on my jewelry close up photo (now posted above)... After all the great input I received I ended up re-shooting a clearer version of the winning image. Ultimately this image will end up on display next to my jewelry, to show the public that they REALLY are hand-painted teenie weeny oil paintings. So thanks for helping me. Because I am a really indecisive artist to say the least!

(close up of the arteest in action - thank god she had no ear goobers.)

Which brings me to my next exciting piece of news! In about a week I will be delivering my first batch of newly redesigned necklaces to a great local boutique/gallery in Ballard, WA! It's called the VENUE. Yes folks, I now have a permanent place for you to shop locally for these cute gift ideas! AND VALENTINE'S DAY IS COMING! Theaaaay make theeeee purrrrfect giftieeees~ let me make a custom one for you!

So as you may have guessed. I've been busy. Painting trees the size of the nail on my little pinkie finger. Yup. I'm covered in 'em. Not nails, TREE CHARMS! Aaaand lovin' it!

Unfortunately though, it's time to raise my prices too... SIGNIFICANTLY. It's a good thing! Especially for those that own the original, because that means for you... your little oil painting has gone up in value! Now - I don't want to see you on the street trying to sell it to the next highest bidder... you better not!

I encourage anyone that has been interested in picking on of these up for yourself, to get one now before my prices officially go up on February 5th. There are a few left online at my Etsy store for only $30! IF YOU TELL ME YOU SAW THIS BLOG POST I WON'T CHARGE SHIPPING!*** IMPORTANT! Contact me FIRST BEFORE you hit the "purchase" button or Paypal will charge you shipping. Thanks!

IF YOU ARE LOCAL? The rest of my $30 stock will be on display at my first show this year on Thursday, ONE NIGHT ONLY! I will be at the 619 Western Building for 1st Thursday in the Pioneer Square area, on Feb. 4th from 6-9. For more info read on...

So, enough with the selfish plugs huh? Ok, you win.

I really intended to begin tonight's blog entry with a little inspiration about greasin' the 'ol creative wheel for 2010. I had read a great post on the Artbizblog a few days ago, causing a reaction so strong that I couldn't hit the "leave a comment" button fast enough! If you are a procrastinator, or a stuck artist, or just need a means of seeing how other people overcome their obstacles with their art... please visit this link.
Rather than explain in my own words, I would rather just encourage you to click on this link to read it for yourself... and don't forget to scroll down to read MY comment. I left my example of how IT (go find out what IT is!) worked for me. And I actually sound a little bit intelligent. Just a little.

While you are at it... clickin' around the web-n-stuff... check out all the shows I am entering this year! Just posted them to my website. Will I be in your neck of the woods in 2010??? Visit MY AMBITIOUS SHOW SCHEDULE here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

I'm happy for your success!!! I tried priming the tiles and it definitley worked! Now I have yet another hobbie to keep up with. My husband thinks I'm crazy painting on the backs of game pieces LOL! I had it in my mind to buy crackle varnish and in my over excitement bought crackle paste in error...sooo now I have a couple of prototypes drying in my art room. I would have returned it but I opened up the tub and took a scoop of the stuff to see how it worked. You think the discription of it being white and opaque would have been an indication that it wasn't the right stuff! Ah well, that's me being impulsive with spending and not reading the label first. I read your comment on procrastination, you really DO sound intelligent LOL. I was also thinking "Jen, get out of my head woman!" now I have no excuses to not be working on my paintings...and my other many "hobbies"! Ok, I'm done babbling and taking up the comment room. Leaving simple comments just isn't something I can do hahaha! Sorry :)

Keep sharing your wonderful work and whitty posts!


Jennifer Phillips said...

Good luck with all your experimenting Dawn! That's the way to go about it anyway... it's the only way you really find out what works for your vision.

I'd be interested in seeing what you come up with when you feel like sharing! Your work lends itself to the "tiny"!

Happy painting,

Anonymous said...

;) Will do Jen, thanks for the advice!


Claudia Lawrence said...

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Anonymous said... I the only one who has painted an image upside down on a scrabble tile?? LOL! I was happy how well the image came out and realized my "M" looked like a "W" on the flip side...ugh...

Hope all us well with ya!


Jennifer Phillips said...

Hi Claudia, thanks for the compliments and suggestions... I am not interested in putting ads on my blog right now, my goal with my blog is to share myself and my artistic process rather than to try and make money through ads. That concept works for a lot of people, but for now, it is just not the right choice for me. Thanks though! And thanks for bookmarking my blog!

Jennifer Phillips said...

Dawn! So funny! MY first charm was and upside down X! I got really focused on the painting and forgot to pay attention to what was going on, on the flip side! Heeeelarious we share the same experience!

You won't forget again though.

-I wear my first upside down charm around my neck in remembrance of when I first started... it is fun to see how the style has changed since then!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I'm so glad its not just a "Dawn thing"! Haha! I guess I'll be wearing my upside down scrabble pieces as a remnder to pay attention to detail! :)

Have a good night!


Anonymous said...

*reminder...where is spell check when you need it!?