Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Burrrrrr is Back in My Studio...

Sooo, yeeeaahhh. Ummm, I've been gone for a while, from my blog world... AGAIN. Sorry 'bout dat. It has already been a very busy year for me, but not because I am selling, or painting, or even showing my work just yet. I have been sitting in front of my computer, doing taxes, researching show opportunities, and just plain BUSY - PLANNING and summing up 2009!

I avoided my studio like the plague at the end of last year. For one, I was distracted by all the sparkly holiday lights... and two, MY STUDIO WAS FREEZING. Literally.

Check out my "sink snowman"... This video above says it all. I have been meaning to post it since December. But I am a lazy bum. So, for those of you who live here in Seattle, we both know that it is no longer freezing and for some reason we are sorta feeling like spring now around here (blame it on Mr. or Mrs. Nino)! And my blooming ornamental cherry tree is going to be sorely disappointed once it finds out that it is still winter...

So you know what THAT means!? I'm out of excuses and back in the studio... this time, to paint. I have sooooo many opportunities to show my work coming up (starting next week)! So NOT painting is NOT an option!

I will keep you posted on when/where to see me and my artiness soon... OR/AND if you aren't already a fan of Jennifer Phillips Art on Facebook DO IT! Don't be shy. I seem to post there more now a days anyway... and I am funny (or so they tell me), so don't miss out on my one liners. I do actually post useful information for artists too. Things that I come across while researching show opportunities for myself. I am a good sharer (or so my mom told me... when I was five). Click HERE to visit me on Facebook. Become a FAN!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back Jen, its nice to see new posts! ;) I'd have to agree with your fellow facebook followers about your sense of humor! My coworker brought me her old scrabble pieces the other day, I painted a couple but I'm not satisfied yet. I use acrylic, the colours seem to loose the vibrance (sp?) once they dry. Any advice? How hard is it to use epoxy...I'm dreading the air bubbles LOL! I voted for "B" in regards to your poll but it looks like "A" is in favor :) Good luck with your final decision! I look forward to your blogging now that you found your way back to the studio. I too get side tracked...started a painting 3 weeks ago and have been procrastinating since then. Must be the lack of sunshine up here in Canada! :P


Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks for your comments Dawn! As vibrancy with your paint? Acrylics typically have a slight shift in color from wet to dry... they can get darker, ever so slightly. ESPECIALLY depending on the brand you use. Stay with only professional grade if you can, to avoid it as much as possible. Brands like Daniel Smith and Golden are the only ones I know of that advertise minimal shift in color (but due some research and you may find other pro brands too).

A couple ways to alter the way that acrylics "behave" is to experiment with adding acrylic mediums to the mix. Check out www.goldenpaints.com for descriptions of their mediums. For example if you add a smidge of acrylic glazing medium, they will behave a bit more like an oil - slower dry time and juicy color (if you use high grade paint).

Once you do the final resin finish on the tile it acts like a varnish. It's glossy and generally speaking high gloss can make your colors feel slightly richer... but you definitely should be satisfied with your painting first before sealing it, because you won't be able to reverse the resin layer.

Another thing to consider is your surface. Priming the tile with gesso or a colored gesso will make your colors appear more saturated.

Hope this helps - Use Ice Resin. No bubbles if done correctly. And it is a jewelers grade so water will not hurt it.

Your comment about procrastination is my inspiration for my next post.


Anonymous said...

:)) Thanks Jen! I will have to pick up some gesso, I have golden professional acrylic so I'll just have some fun trying to get it right! The resin part stresses me out a bit, I'd hate to screw up a pendant painting that actually turns out! ;)

Can't wait to read your post on procrastination!! Hahaha! Glad I inspired someone on this earth :) I'll let you know if I'm successful with my pendants, patience is a virtue I guess!


soule said...

I have a feeling you were one of those kids who knocks over snowmen!
Your own personal Frosty and you knocked him over!

楊承琳yaya said...
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