Monday, February 15, 2010

Ok, So I'm Only Human Right?

This is me.
If the photo could talk it would be saying something to the effect of... " Oh high-eeeee! I toe-tally suck!" Or, "Ha Ha Heeeee, yeah I reeeeeally screwed up... he he heee..." OR ..., "Someone please remind me of why I became an artist in the first place??? please???"

Sigh. Pouty lip. Sulk.

Ok. That's enough of that (tear, blink, blink). Moving onward...

So YEAH, today I had a hiccup in my lil' plan of success I so graciously ranted about the other day. I strayed from my list of things to do today (damn Facebook/Twitteritis!); SO far from it that it caused me (or, rather, I caused myself<>) to forget to enter one of the shows on my list of deadlines! Or more specifically, I ASSUMED that this particular show was a show I could enter online digitally... WELP. It wasn't. The deadline for snail mail was today - which I realized 2 hours ago, when I finally decided to plant it in front of the computer to start the application process. Grrrrrrrrr...

So it is a bad thing, but as a result, a learning experience was born! Now, after I write about my problems in this here blog post (thanks for listening btw... it a good for my healing process)... I will open my excel program and map out all the shows I want to enter in a spreadsheet with all the dates, the type of entry process, fees, etc etc... So it is all in one spot for me to see and keep me more organized! I thought just writing down the deadlines would be good enough, but my procrastinator brain takes over now and then and VIOLA~ a mishap occurs!

So that's my slap on my wrist tonight... I punish thee with spreadsheets! Yuck~
And what's the moral to the story kids?... I'm only human... and I make mistakes... that I learn from... and only allow 2 minutes of self pity before I turn that frown up-side-down!

"Tiny Forest"
3/4" x 11/16"
(YES folks this painting is smaller than an INCH!)
Oil Painting on Scrabble Tile Framed
4"x4" Framed
FREE Shipping to all that reside in the U.S. of A.!

Wanted to share this last thought tonight... I had a successful show at the beginning of February and one of the many compliments I was given was on the presentation of my work (thank you). I invented a new way of displaying my prices at this show, completely eliminating the need for typing all my labels out on the computer (which I HATE).

I bought jewelry tags, wrote the info on them and stuck them to the wall with a decorative BUTTON! Yup! CUTE as a button! It worked out great, and now you can steal my idea. There. A gift from me to you... don't say I never gave you anything.

(gosh I hope you all know I am kidding... and sarcastic... and a total insensitive jerk...<>)


Casey Klahn said...

Been there. Done that.

And, a few art/crafts people I admire have dumbed a deadline, too.

Cool work in this post, Jennifer. Did you know that I took the ArtBizCoach getting organized class once? And it changed my life.

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks, I don't feel as bad knowing I am not the only one I suppose... Now I just have to scramble to find another opportunity (art fair/event) to show my work in April. Haven't found anything yet.

Good to hear about the ArtBiz class... she is amazing- I think she changes a lot of peoples lives.

Take care Casey!

Anonymous said...

Your too funny Jen ;) Shame on you for being a human being!!! :p


Chris Beck said...

If you work on a Mac, check out Taskpaper as an organizing tool - easy and fun to use.

Art Trip said...

I love the small tree painting.

Anonymous said...

*poke*...*poke*...psst, Jen? You still alive? ;) How is the list of goals coming along?

becky said...

WOW!!! I just found your blog & your work. it's so wonderfully creative & unique, and dang you must have good eyes to paint so small! Also, you are funny, & your blog is entertaining! I just may follow it... nay I think I will!

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks for the poke Dawn... I'm still breathing... Going to write tonight about my where abouts. How's your Scrabble tile adventure going?

Becky! Just visited your blog and LOVE the quote you posted "Dreams are illustrations...from the book your Soul is writing about you."
~Marsha Norman
Just beautiful... AND the Humming Bird nest! What a treat! So cool. I have never seen one even in a photo, so thank you! You are a wonderful photographer and I look forward to your posts to come.

Thanks for your comments everyone!

Anonymous said...

Whew! Glad your alive, I was worried about having to use my CPR training on ya...not sure how well that would work over a blog site ;) hardy har har!

I have 8 scrabble tiles painted but that's it, I haven't put epoxy on them yet but I'm getting there! I'll take a photo and email it to you soon :)

I'm going to read your latest blog entry, when you blog, you blog! posts are two liners. Take care! Talk to you soon.