Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bellevue Artfair Adventure

"Discovering Myself Along the Way"
60"x48" Oil on Canvas
I promised, so here it is for all you internet fans that couldn't get down to see the piece in person! The final picture is now posted of my largest work yet... it made it back down the stairs of my studio safely with out scraping any paint off - guess it pays to have someone help you, no touch ups were necessary! (see previous post on "How to Fit a Big Object into a Small Hole").

I rented a cargo van to get my work to and from the show, so this painting was loaded last, and nestled neatly on top of the rest of my work. It made it to the show with out a hitch... ok, maybe one hitch. Yeah, kinda an important hitch... I forgot to put wire on the back of it! DUH. Didn't realize this until I got to the fair of course, so I had to scramble to put it together before the crowds came early that morning! Made me sweat a little... literally.
Oh and another funny thing... (speaking of sweat)... the second day, I realized that I had run out of sales slips just before the show started! So, in a massive rush, I ran to Bartell's across the street to get some more.

And boy, did I run! It was already in the 80's. So running and panicking, was not a good combo for maintaining my sweet girlish aroma for the rest of the day.

And on top of that, god forbid, I JAYWALKED... or rather, JAYRAN! And a lovely police officer was layin' on his whistle at me screaming, "Lady! Lady!".... I just kept runnin', didn't look back even once! Ran into Bartell and ducked behind some display full of pork-n-beans, pretending I was reeeealy interested in them. I felt like such a rebel, considering that I never get in trouble with the law EVER!

After making my purchase, I then had to find a sneaky route back to the fair in order to avoid crossing the street anywhere near the whistle blowing police officer for fear of a ticket, or embarrassment of any sort. So, I continued jogging back to my booth the long way around the back entrance of the fair. Needless to say, I was a ball of sweat that couldn't catch her breath once I got back! Then came the realization that I forgot to put on deodorant that morning... peeeerfect.

Luckily my ever supportive brother delivered it to me later that day and I was saved!

Overall, the three day event at the Bellevue Art Museum Artsfair, was a total success! I met soooo many wonderful people! So many that my face hurt after each day ended because I was smiling so much! I sold many many paintings and made enough contacts to draw the conclusion that there will be a few new commissions in my future! AND on top of that I got to meet some of the artists at the show that stopped by my booth... Marla & Mike Baggetta, Taman Vanscoy, William Vanscoy, Lisa Lamoreaux, Rick Abrams, Erik Hall, and many more! I can't wait to do it again next year!


Casey Klahn said...

I've been waiting for your blog on the BAM. Great things to hear, and your booth looks wonderful.

The jay walk story is hilarious. Bellevue's finest sometimes have a heavy pedestrian focus, it seems you've found out. Can't complain about 'em, though, since I once made a nice sale to one.

He was even very nice when I charged him twice by accident (I got rid of that software asap).


Ingrid Nelson said...

Hi Jennifer!!! Looks like things are going well and I wish could see that big piece in person! Just stopping by to say hello. XOXO

Jean Bradbury said...

You smelled delightful when I saw you the next day.
Loved your booth.

Leslie Sealey said...

Congratulations on a successful event! Your booth looks great, and I'm also glad you escaped from the police, lol!

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...
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