Monday, June 29, 2009

Instructional: How to fit a BIG object into a small hole.

Step 1:
Force it.

Step 2:
Wiggle it a bit, yank it, and then maybe give it a big heave hoe! (just a note that my foot is not broken in this photo)

Step 3:
Throughout your painting process, be sure to save enough oil paint for touch ups... because Step 4 is shoving it back down the stairs into the truck and off to your next show!

I've been thinking. Thinking about going big this time. But what I neglected to think about is wether or not my canvas would actually fit up the stairs to my studio! Luckily, it did, barely.

I keep gravitating to painting the very tip top of some trees I love at Golden Gardens here in Seattle. All those delicate limbs reaching way up to the sky... and all those yummy shapes of light that form between the branches. When I am done it will be 4 feet by 5 feet of fantastic goodness!

So I will be working on this one for a little while I presume. Until then I will post smaller works on occasion as I prepare for my next show at the Bellevue Art Museum Artsfair in July. I have been working on a few new Tree Charms like the one below too - I recently discovered working with resin and it goes wonderfully with the charms, making them look almost like glass! You can check more of them out at my store at


Deborah Burns said...


Jen, have fun working on the new BIG scale!

Looking forward to seeing you and it at the Bellevue Arts Fair.


Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks Deb! Workin' hard (at procrastinating)! Ha!
See you there!

René PleinAir. said...

I always thought size didn't matter, but you shown it does!!!

It does make things harder to fit inside small holes. Now don't put to much paint on it otherwise you have to show it in your studio, hehehe