Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ARTIST'S ALERT! Don't fall for this SCAM!

Received a blog post today that gave me chills. If you are an artist you need to read this so you can know what to look for... I ALMOST feel for a scam like this a year ago. Until the inquirer started mumbling something about paying for shipping and writing a money order for more than the price of the art. As soon as I insisted to use Paypal as a means of payment, they never contacted me again.

All I lost out of the deal was my time. Time I had prepared taking pictures of how the art looked on my walls (per the inquirer's request). But I cringe thinking about how many people may fall for this scam through out the year... it's awful that there are such cruel people in the world. Read about this artist's experience and the warning signs you need to look for, by clicking HERE.

On another note, I am home now from my 2 week adventure in Oregon at Art in the High Desert and Art in the Pearl. Now I am looking forward to my next show in Kansas City, MO at the Plaza Art Fair this Sept 24th-26th. I will be showing my jewelry line only at this one... It will be my first time flying to a show and renting my equipment. I love a challenge! So the next 12 days are go time for production. I will post more soon!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip Jen! Its really good information especially for a new artist wanting to sell thier work online :) good luck with your next show! I'm off for two weeks so I hope to paint a couple of pieces!

For now I must go back to baking my chocolate chip oatmeal muffins...mmmm! Tough vacation already LOL!


r garriott said...

A good reminder... this scam keeps popping up.