Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Local 14 Show in Portland this weekend!

Hope to see you there! Help me spread the word.... it's a FOUR day event! I will have my jewelry and paintings both on display as guest artist! Check it out by clicking here: LOCAL 14
Also, as I always say... find me on Facebook these days... with my crazy schedule I am posting more fun things there all the time... I share soooo many links to sooooo many opportunities there! Click here to visit my "fan" page.

My show season is coming to a close. Only one more show in November and then I will be back to doing a little bit more blogging. I will see you soon!

Oooh oooh! I almost forgot! I have also stocked both of my stores with new jewelry items for the holidays! Check them out on the sidebar to the left -------->

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back to blog world!!! Good luck with your show, I'm sure it will be a hit :) Now I'm going to check out your store!