Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Spokane Artfest 2010 Adventure

I kicked off my artfair season with a bang this year and am happy to report that Spokane Artfest was a total success! I had a lot of "firsts" last weekend that created a whirlwind of emotions for me through out the whole event: 1st time and an OUTDOOR show, 1st time showing in the rain, 1st time winning an award, and since there is a 1st time for everything it was also the 1st time I met someone who speaks to trees... out loud. Interesting. Seriously.

To say the least, the whole weekend was absolutely fantastic right down to the moment I had the honor of delivering my big red tree painting to a couple who live in a beautiful home on South Hill, Spokane. Truly rewarding all the way around.

For those of you who would like to peer into my little world of what it takes to do a show like this, by yourself, please read on. Here is my "cliff note" version of some just some of the details of the weekend:

Rent truck/Pack truck - 2 hours
Drive to Spokane - 4.5 hours
Unload upon arrival - 20+ trips back and forth from the truck to my booth space
Booth set up - 5 hours!

Morning; last minute details/hanging artwork - 4 hours!
Rain (brace for predicted wind storm that never showed up thank god!)
Won an award! Addision & Myers Visual Arts Award! High five!!!
12 hour work day

Sunny all day! But forgot sunscreen... 11 hour work day.

Arrived early to see other artist's and their booths. Got to finally meet some of the artist's I have been following online...Sheila Evans, Diane Colhane, Jill Mayberg.
Break down tent set up and repack the truck - 5 hours... last one there, by myself, in the dark. Not good.

Woke up refreshed and got to deliver "Turning Red 2" to new collectors in Spokane!
Went to visit the Kress Gallery where Sheila Evans' work was hanging, and promptly realized that I had no change for the meters nor could my truck fit in any parking garages... so I drove home - 4.5 hours.

Was it all totally hard? YES. Did I shed an tear of frustration while I was breaking down my tent? YES. Did the good outweigh the bad? YES. Would I do it all again? YES. And I will, this weekend at the Edmonds Art Fair! This time I will have a little set up help from a fantastic friend.. (wiping my brow in relief). More show information to follow.


Casey Klahn said...

Wow! You were in my neck of the woods, but I missed you - that is sad.

Did I tell you about the year we got rained out on a Friday at ArtFest? Our booths were raining inside!

Congratulations on the well deserved sales and award. Way to go, Jennifer!

I well remember my first year or 2 at outdoor fairs, and being the last man standing on the field at tear down.

I won't mention the time I built a wall at Edmonds, and I tore down till way after dark, taking screws out with a Swiss Army knife - in the pouring rain. Art under tarps! Ahh - memories.

Lisa McShane said...

Wow - fun and thanks for all the detail! The painting looks perfect in their home.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it worked out for you Jen! I could just picture you getting frustrated breaking down your tent because I know I would have! :( I might have thrown a few things in the process too LOL! Glad your painting found a nice home too.