Monday, May 24, 2010


48 x 24
Oil on Panel

If you have been following my work on Facebook for the past week or so, you have had the pleasure of witnessing my process of pulling a couple all nighters to get this painting completed. Lately I had found my use of daylight very unproductive. Life has been throwing me gigantic challenges, of which I am not ready to share about just yet. But through it all, I had to push myself to accomplish this painting. It took me to a place that I have never been before. It was very therapeutic. I worked for hours. And a few of those days were huge blocks of time all at once. Yesterday was a 12 hour painting day for me... I finished it at 5:30 in the morning.

This painting will always be very special to me; as I spent several days reflecting upon wonderful memories as I painted it.


Anonymous said...

Jen, this is beautiful. I thought it was a photograph before I read on that it was oil! You know that a piece is going to be great when you work long hours on it. Its like being afraid of losing my vision if I stop. I really hope you are ok, :( life's challenges are not always fun...I know.

The best way out, is always through...Robert Frost. That sums up the answer to getting through the tough things in life eh? Take care.


becky said...

Looks Beautiful, Jen. I'm not a night owl... and would likely pass out trying to pull an all nighter... but I do know about spending 10-12 hours in the studio (you probably did that as an art student, too!) Good stuff happens when you are so absorbed in your work that time passes in such a fashion!
Hope you are well!

Lovely Danie said...

I have always thought about painting something, but it just doesn't pull to me like pastels and pencil drawing does. I am the creative type so I have to express myself.
Most of all I love to write. I read this book from Natalie Goldberg called Wild Mind and she said that if you have to write then you are a writer. It doesn't matter rather you get published or not.
I love your painting and I hope that you are as passionate about it as I am writing. It can be a beautiful thing, although, it can also be lonely sometimes. Unless someone is a creative type themselves they just don't understand how our creative mind and spirit works.