Monday, May 17, 2010

Bird Poop and Paintings Don't Mix

Water's Edge 2 (large version)
72" x 36"
Oil on Two Panels

Ok. So this is not a case of narcissism here... I finished this piece and wanted to take a picture of myself in order to show scale... NOT to show how stunningly beautiful I am in my painting clothes, with no shower, and a hole in my shoe. (gag)

You can view this painting at my first show June 4th in Spokane, WA at Artfest all weekend... and if it doesn't find a home there, it will come on the road this summer with me until it does! Check out my line up to see if I will be showing at a neighborhood near you! Click here.

This will be my first outdoor fair ever and I couldn't be more nervous. New tent, dealing with possible weather, new jewelry display, wildlife... Yeah. I said WILDLIFE people. This just in: my artist friend Sheila Evans reported yesterday from her first show this year in Illinois, that she showed up to her booth in the a.m. to find that two morning doves had be fluttering about in her tent all night! Two words : POOP EVERYWHERE. Luckily her pastels were all framed under glass - what a clean up job! She retained her sense of humor about the whole thing and posted a picture to her facebook fan page showing bird poop running down one of her pieces that was ironically titled "Robin's Nest 2". Her poopy photo was lovingly captioned, "Everyone's a Critic". - hilarious!

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Anonymous said...

Lmao! Well I wish you a very bird-poop free event!!! I am impressed that your friend kept her sense of humour! I think I would have had a mental breakdown and breakfast would have consisted of bird pancakes! :D THEN I would have laughed it off. Could you imagine if her work wasn't framed behind glass?

Omg, your show is going to be great Jen! No worries! The sun will shine, there will be no wind and your big painting will find a new home! *power of positive thinking* LOL. Oh, and I can assure you we all have shoes with holes in them. Not to mention we paint better when we haven't showered yet :) The husbands just LOVE it! Although my outfits consist of old flannnel pjs with a mismatch t-shirt...oh yeah!

Good luck with everything! If you have anymore interesting stories to share please do!!


Lisa McShane said...

Hilarious! There's nothing like studio misadventures... Good luck in Spokane.


Neicy said...

I'm so glad I had the pleasure of seeing this painting first-hand at Artfest...absolutely stunning! Your work is beautiful and it was fun meeting you too!