Thursday, May 13, 2010

Water's Edge... a wee bit larger.

"Water's Edge II"
Oil on (2) panels
finished piece coming soon!

To be brief, I have been painting. My summer shows begin in 3 weeks and I have a zillion things to accomplish before then. So as much as I would like to keep posting, I have to put my blog on the back burner for a little while and maximize my time as much as possible in order to play some catch up. Please find me on Facebook to see my quick random thoughts and photos as my deadlines approach... paintings in progress, random thoughts throughout the day in the studio, and probably some pictures of me loosing my mind as I plow through the next few weeks!

I will be taking my "show on the road" for the first time this year, for an artfair called "Artfest" in Spokane, WA, starting June 4th-6th.


Anonymous said...

good luck Jen! I'm sure everything will go smoothly for you :) see you around in the near future!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Oh, yeah, know about those short deadlines. The work is fabulous. Keep on keepin' on!

becky said...

Wow! Look at that studio space! You are soooo lucky!
An Artist & her work~ awesome! Have a great time on the road!

Vickie said...

Nice paintings. It's fun to see how and where other artists work. Nice blog.