Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm on Display!

When? TONIGHT... Saturday, May 8th from 6-9 pm
Where? The VENUE. In Ballard, Washington. (click it for directions)
1. MY NEW PAINTINGS and I will be on display!
a.) I spent a million weeks painting a zillion new Tree Charms just for you to see. And I have a little magnifying glass for you to gaze upon their cuteness up close and personal.
2. It's the day before Mother's Day and you need to buy her a gift!
3. My fantastic friend Lauren will serve you up a glass of red or white and tell you about her new bath soaps that she creates!
4. There will be a selection of comfort foods... like mom used to make!
5. The mobile Parfait Organic Ice Cream truck will be parked outside!
6. It's Ballard Artwalk and you need something fun to do!
7. Uhm... you miss me, and you want to give me a hug?

Hope to see you there!


Caroline Bray Art said...

From across the pond, wishing you the very best of luck for tonight and wishing I could be there to see your wonderful creations in real life. Have a great evening!

Queen*B Studio said...

Good luck tonight! I'll have a glass of white wine please ;)


becky said...

Your display looks amazing!!! I have no doubt you will be a HUGE hit! Good luck (not that you need any sort of luck with that amazing talent of yours!)
Have fun & sell lots!!

Jennifer Phillips said...

thanks ladies! The show was a huge success! I even got to meet one of my blogger friends Nina from Sweden! So cool! Thanks for the high fives and compliments... my tail's a wagin'!

Queen*B Studio said...

Thats cool Jen to have met a bloggie friend! Hope you had a glass of wine for me! Keep us posted on your other shows :) Glad it was successful!


Nina Aidas said...

I'm so glad I came to see your show Jennifer, and it was so great to meet you finally! :D Seeing the paintings in reality sure gives them a whole new dimension. Walking around and being able to look at your paintings up close, trying to figure out what techniques and colors you used. It makes my painting nerve itch, I really need to start again when I get back to Sweden! :)

Jennifer Phillips said...

Nina it was sooo nice meeting you in person that evening! AND really nice talking with you and your friend. Thank you so much for your interest in my work - I am honored that you acquired one of my pieces!
Please keep in touch and happy painting!