Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Electricity in Your Art Booth?

I need your advice...

I just found out that the Edmonds Art Festival this weekend doesn't supply electricity to our booths. So I will have no lights. And the weather may not be cooperating, with a bit of rain and overcast skies on the way.

I really feel that my sales may suffer if my paintings aren't properly illuminated. But maybe lack of experience is causing me to over think it... ?

Is there a technique to getting lighting in your booth with out electricity being provided? Some sort of set up that you have seen or used that works?

OR is this just a grin an bare it type situation where I have to roll with the punches so to speak?

I was thinking of purchasing a few of these battery operated picture lights at Bed Bath and Beyond for $30 bucks each and did a little reading online about a couple other ways to use solar power to fuel your lighting (for the link click here).... but I am just so darn indecisive about the whole thing!

Any input you guys have would help me tremendously! Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I don't have experience in this since I haven't shown my work professionaly, but I can offer my opinion...(not sure if its worth anything LOL!) I would go with investing in my own solar energy source, especially since this is your career. PLUS its environmentally friendly compared to a battery source of lighting AND its another great marketing gimmick since your art revolves around nature! I'm just saying I would be impressed by someone who would be using a solar source of lighting while promoting their earthy art work. Good luck!