Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rescue the Snakes!

"Rescue the Snakes" - to do something you've been putting off. To do something you don't want to do. 
Reference: from the movie "Pee Wee's Big Adventure." The scene wherein Pee Wee Herman is rescuing animals from the burning pet shop. He does not like snakes, and rescues them last after every animal is safe, with a grimace on his face while screaming.
- by Rick Anders, March 19th, 2008 from the Urban Dictionary.

I never thought there was a term for it. All week I have been describing to people about my painting process... " You know that Pee Wee movie? That part where he keeps running past the snakes? Yeah? Well, those snakes... are my painting!!!" 

For me sometimes there is a lot of feelings I like to avoid feeling during the preliminary stages of a painting... so much that I fight with it until the very end. Well, I stuck with it. So proud, so proud.

Tonight I finished my painting. 
I rescued the snakes. 

It turned out fantastic! I will take pictures and upload them tomorrow... The act of actually painting it was almost comparable to an exorcism, or giving birth, or an even better analogy is through this Pee Wee Herman clip. 

If you haven't seen the pet shop segment you have to watch it. The scene is way at the end of the clip around the 7:28 mark... but watch the whole thing, it is well worth it. (Especially if you have a painting your avoiding)


Eric D. Greene said...

That boy is a hero! :D

Brian Rio said...

Oh, I'm sad because I would love to see you reenact the pet shop scene...frown. I miss ya, soup.

danoestreich said...

Great Image, rescuing the snakes. Gets at the feeling perfectly.

Jennifer Phillips said...

Hmmmm.... reenacting would be funny. Although would be tough to start a fire at a local pet shop cuz I probably would end up in jail.