Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can I Get a Drum Roll Please?

Began with a light sketch and "fixed" into place with Matte Varnish.

Used my infamous "Saparindian" color to tint the surface and begin wiping out highlights.

Adding the darks to establish more value shift.

Began "sculpting" the edges of the trees... one of my favorite parts.

Used a mixture of Alizarin, French Ultra Blue, and Cad Red to create the rich dark undertones of the red tree.

Once I get into laying the rest of the color I am in a trance... almost like the character on Heros where his eyes glaze over and magically a painting appears from his subconscious. I hear nothing and see nothing for hours until I get to a comfortable stopping point. 

Therefore, I didn't take anymore in-progress shots till the end. Still need to get it professionally photographed, but you'll get the idea here.

For every artist there is an area of their painting of which shows a spot where they have fallen in love... for me it is the flickering light that falls on the tips of the trees and the juicy glow of red on the main subject. Makes me all warm and fuzzy...

"Turning Red"
Oil on Panel
On display at the Greenwood-Phinney Artwalk May 8th & 9th


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Love the step-by-step. It is a gorgeous painting!

Kerri Settle said...

I love how it came out, so full of warmth. You did an amazing job with the light holes in all of the trees.

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks you guys!

Melissa said...

wow, that was great, thanks! Beautiful painting.

Nina Aidas said...

This painting turned out incredible! Just like I imagined... Not surprised you already sold it :) It looks like it's on fire, like it's burning through the canvas! Great job :D