Friday, May 8, 2009

Pullin' an All-Nighter!

Photo Title: "Zzzzzzzzz"

It is 12:30 AM, and I am still awake thanks to Mountain Dew and a need to finish what I started! Been cutting a BAZILLION mats for all my new prints that I will have at the show tomorrow and I still have labels to make and a bunch of final details to attend to. 

All said, I am very excited for tomorrow! Should be a fantastic show... I have some great new larger pieces accumulated and many many NEW BABY TREE pendants for my new jewelry line - just in time for Mother's Day this weekend!

Here is another sneak peek at a new painting that I have still to name tonight!
Hope to see some of you locals at the show tomorrow (Get the Greenwood Artwalk Info HERE)~ You'll especially want to come to see if I am actually awake at my own opening! 

I'll keep everyone posted as to how it goes... wish me luck!

Title: hummm? (could call it "Mountain Dewy Morning"? Or "Procrastinator's Favorite Painting Spot"? Or "Oh My God I am So Tired")
Size: I think it is 34"x24", I am too tired to measure.
Medium: Now, this one I know... OIL on Panel
Price: Find out tomorrow at the show cuz I can't do the math at this hour.