Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love is in the Air

"A Meeting Place" (Series of three)
Oil on Panel
$129 each (#3 is SOLD)

Last night I began a new series of paintings that I have wanted to get out of my artistic "system" for a long time now. What a better place to explore my love for the inquisitive life of little bitty birdies! A new show held at The Red Crow Anthologies in California will be held on Valentine's Day entitled, "LOVE is in the Air"... it was an opportunity to paint this little ensemble of birds gathering at their regular meeting place. It is special to me as it is representative of the birds that congregate outside my window on the telephone lines. Who knows what they are doing... hanging out, plotting their next move, meeting other birds, talking about the weather, forming relationships, and pooping on my car parked innocently below.

As a side note I thought I would introduce you to a project that has been a long time in the making. It has been over a year that my husband and I have been renovating our home in the Seattle area (mostly on our own), and now it is finally complete! OUR HOUSE IS FOR SALE!
So if any of you are planning a move to the Seattle, Washington area, consider our home as a potential nesting area! Please visit my slideshow  of the before and after pictures and our house listing at your convenience. Tell all your friends and help me get the word out! Thanks!


Hattermad said...

Found your work through the D. Smith step by step.

AMAZING!! to say the least and very inspirational...I may try your wipeout method soon (though I may try it out making a copy of your "Lost" picture...which I will of course credit as "copied from..." should it be seen by any other eyes than mine...).

Also will try the undercoat mix you use, sounds fantastic (though I am partial to Gamblin myself...hehehe).

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks Hattermad for the complements...
Gamblin is awesome paint too!
I would be interesting in seeing the painting you complete - Try and change it up a bit, experiment, see what happens!
Good luck!

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