Friday, January 30, 2009

Tah dah! It's finished!

"The Road to Lilliano" Commission
Oil on Canvas

As promised, here is the final piece and a step by step slideshow to follow. Thank you to everyone who left me feedback on JenTV... corrections have been made and the slide shows are  more comfortable to watch! Yes folks, I have slowed them down quite a bit so you can actually see what is going on! Whew! I told you I need an assistant. (grin)

I can't wait to deliver the piece to my clients house! It is so fun to see what it looks like in it's new home. What an honor it was to do such a large piece. Now I have definitely have to visit Italy and the road to Lilliano!


Karen Appleton said...

Jennifer, this finished painting is just stunning. The greens and the sunlight on the path make me want to jump inside the painting and soak it all in.

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thank you Karen! That was one of my favorite parts! Painting all those sprinkles of light down the path...
I just got to deliver the piece to the clients house yesterday and see how it looked in the space they were hanging it. How rewarding! Makes me want to paint bigger all the time!
Nice to hear from you, hope all is well in the Chicago land area! Keep warm!

Arco Scheepen said...

Great painting (yet again). Indeed the light on the path is the most outstanding feature. Good work!

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks Arco, nice to hear from you! Hope you have been painting and drawing your heart out!

Eric said...

I love it! I can't just glance at it and look away... it just keeps my gaze locked in :)
- Eric