Saturday, December 27, 2008

Under-painting Cont'd...

Well, folks, I'm back. I have had several technical difficulties over the past few weeks that have kept me from posting my photos to my blog... sorry for the delay, but I am VERY happy to be back!

These photos posted today show a continuation on my initial stages on the under-painting for "The Road to Lilliano", a commission piece I am working on.  I've been blocking in the darker shapes of the bushes that line the road, with my special Sap-ar-indian mixture and a bit of Viridian, all while pulling out some highlights with my rag.

I am just dying to get to the trees and their branches that are so beautifully reaching out in all directions! It will truly be my most favorite part... or maybe painting the breaks of light that are sprinkled all over the road... must have patience, first things first!


Arco Scheepen said...

Love the color of your underpaintings. Great start!

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks Arco!