Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sneak Attack!

Went on a walk with my dog and saw a tree that inspired me to paint tonight. It was large and set against a back drop of dark foliage. It just seemed to speak to me. So I grabbed my brush friend as soon as I got home and we started this little piece. After a bit, I looked over, and my dog was givin' me the eye...

...and in a flash he snatched Bert right outta my hands! Bert was totally shocked! 
He had been taken by surprise!

Bert lost an eye.

Titled: "Peaceful" 
4"x4" Oil on Panel


Arco Scheepen said...

Great painting!
Poor Bert, I guess he now wears an eye patch? (and looking a bit more like the dog).

Jennifer Phillips said...

Yeah, we went to the eye patch store yesterday, and they were out of his size.

Anonymous said...

Your pocket landscapes are a very enterprising idea. I'll bet they sell like hot cakes. "Peaceful" is so beautiful with the chartreuse tree contrasting against the deep russet one. Are these tiles? If so, do you have to fire them after painting?

Jennifer Phillips said...

Not tiles, but simply wood panels treated with a special crackling paste. But tiles sound interesting! Hummmmmm.... I smell new ideas brewing!