Sunday, July 13, 2008

All Better

I special ordered an eye patch for Bert today. 

The night after Bert's accident, I managed to knock over my huge easel while playing tug-o-war with my dog... It was like slow motion as it came toppling over me as I was yelling "Noooooooooooo!" (and a couple other profanities). I managed to cushion the fall as it landed on all my pocket landscapes drying on the floor! I had a minor panic attack, pouted for a little bit, and then amazingly I discovered nothing was damaged! Whew! Nice to know that my little treasures are durable!
So tonight I painted into the wee morning. I am definitely a night owl... 
This one is titled "Take a Stand", you can visit the rest of my collection that I have recently added here.


Anonymous said...

All these little landscapes are
just wonderful!


Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks Scott! I enjoy painting them so much. Itty bitty tiny moments that fit in the palm of your hand...

Deirdra Doan said...

Hi Jennifer, It was wonderful to meet you at the Bellevue art fair set up day.....I love your blog and brush Bert!!!

I wanted to know what the product was you use to make the crackle on your little paintings. I think it is fun and want to try it.

Your work is so beautiful.


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Nina Aidas said...

I just love the little pocket landscapes! It´s so interesting how much variety you can get when you limit the subject like that. I mean in terms of composition. Good way to not get lost in detail!

I´m also curious to know what you use to get the crackle-effect. At first I was sceptic to it, thinking it might change the lifespan of the painting(?) But now I love it. I think it gives the canvas an interesting texture and it must be inspireing to see random patterns appear before you start painting. Or does the crackle start when the new layers of paint come on?