Thursday, July 10, 2008

In Memory of

Title: "Tripod" 3"x3"

Sometimes life throws us a bit of a curve ball. Yesterday I learned that my dearest friend's greyhound has passed. After spending the evening with her, I came home feeling the need to honor him in some way. I know what it is like to loose a pet. Devastated by the absence of a friend that has been there for you unconditionally for so long. We must always remember that they are never really gone, for they are always in our hearts... 
So tonight I "planted a tree" for Red Dog.

Title: "Red" 3"x3"


Molly Young said...

I really like "tripod". The cracks in the paint work so well with the composition. They almost look like roots of the trees. Very nice.

Kip said...

As one of the owners of Red. I can say that he says thank you for the tree! I'm sure he will "mark it" as his own from wherever he is. He is honored that he will be missed by so many people. I just hope life has as much of an impact as he did.

Jennifer Phillips said...

Awe... The thought of him lifting his leg to any of my trees is touching.
I imagine he has a bazillion doggie friends he is playing with right now, and none of them can catch him cause he is the fastest greyhound in heaven.

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks Molly for your kind words! I am a crackle addict! Really like your work too!