Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Discovery Park

Today I spent the day preparing another bundle of Pocket Landscapes! It was 80 degrees today, so I gathered up my little microscopic canvas's and headed outside to get creative... only made it as far as my front porch, but it was great painting out in the fresh air again!

You can see the most current editions that I created today here. I did NINETEEN! It's a record! I will most likely do 10 more and then I'll call it good. I have a really fun time naming these little guys. Most titles reflect my experiences while on many road-trips to Eastern Washington. I endured long hours and many miles in a hot stuffy, or freezing cold, 76 Ford Bronco (until it was stolen!)... during a long distance relationship with my husband when he was in vet school... Anything for love!
 This one is titled "Proud" and is only 2"x3" big.


Arco Scheepen said...

I love these miniatures. Great colors and lovely textures. I especially like 'Vulnerable', that one is really good! I started doing landscapes only recently, the first one (in progress) will be on my blog after the weekend. I still have lots of small panels with which I didn't know what to do. You've inspired me to do small landscapes on them.

Jennifer Phillips said...

Can't wait to see your landscapes! Small is the new big!!! Thanks for your comment Arco!

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Jennifer, First time to visit your blog. Your work is really wonderful. You're have a great time blogging, I know I have. Soooo many nice artist's out there willing to share. Barb

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks Barbara! I am a blogaholic!