Monday, July 7, 2008

A Fresh New Painting Today

Plucked Bert outta his brush house this afternoon and we were rarin' to go...

This was the start of my painting. On this occasion I wanted to lay in my preliminary drawing first with conte pencil. I also started with a textured colored ground.

"Starting Point"
Oil on Gessobord

This is the final, though there are many steps I documented along the way, I can't show them quite yet. I used a combination of Daniel Smith Oil paints and W&N Oil bars for heavier texturing. I have been hired by Ampersand Art hardbords to do an article for them on my process of painting oils on panel! Very exciting! So if I publish this one, all the steps will be available in the spring! This piece is inspired from wind-breakers situated along the fields of Eastern Washington. Not sure if I am finished with this painting yet, 
so I don't have a title picked out...any ideas?
 Bert in the rinse cycle... I am shooting for a painting a day, 
so we'll see what happens tomorrow!


Ambera said...

Hi Jennifer,
Your work is beeeeeautiful!
I love painting trees but I'm horrible at it. I want mine to look like yours! Thanks for introducing me to your site, I'm a new fan.

Arco Scheepen said...

Talking about fans: here's another one. Beautiful work. Me being a texture freak, I'm very curious as to how you do your undergrounds.

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks for your comments you guys! I am a texture lover myself. I use a variety of mediums made by Golden Paints depending on what the subject matter calls for. My miniatures have a combination using Crackle Paste and gel mediums. I like them so much that I have started incorporating it into some of my large work now. It is a tricky technique. I take a lot of time planning out where the texture is going to go before I even start putting color down.
Additionally, I do a lot of texturing with Oil Bars and knife painting like in the painting in this post.
Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog...I am a new blogger and it is exciting to meet people with the same interests!