Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Titled: Alone Again 2"x2"

Titled: Anticipation 4"x4"

Titled: The Huddle 2"x2"

Titled: First Impression 2"x2"

I made it outside today to Discovery Park...Needed some local inspiration for my next paintings! It was a wonderful day! Had a picnic with myself, painted lots of mini's, took a snooze in the sun, and all while I was "on the clock"! I love my new office - what a view! You can peak at all the new pocket sized landscapes I did today, here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Slack,

These little paintings are
way too cool! What did you use
to make the little crackles?


Jennifer Phillips said...

The texture is created using a tweaked mixture of gel mediums and crackle paste by Golden. It is so fun to see the crackles appear, they are completely unpredictable!