Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Break Through 2014

"Beautiful Silence", Oil on wood panel, 10x10
Available through the Brackenwood Gallery

Yes, it is true. And I have said it before... I have neglected my blog. Oh, how I have miss you so (kissing screen right now).

Today thanks to one of my favorite artists and fellow blogger, Alicia Tormey (encaustics MASTER, no joke), I clicked on her blog, got inspired, and then clicked on my own blog! Whoa. And so, here I type to you (or really just me, 'cuz I am the only one that is listening right now).

If you have landed here today, please enjoy poking around a bit (but don't steal anything), and I encourage you to sign up for my email list and follow my posts here and on my Facebook page, for I am social media addicted! Blah De Blah Blah right? No way, I am serious.

Right now it is nap time.  I have about an hour and a half to do everything not related to my role as a mommy. Dishes, laundry, gutter cleaning, poop scooping... the list is infinite. But instead, I got inspired to journal for a moment. So this is just a quick LONG note to tell the world, and fellow blog followers that may have been wondering where I have been for so long, that I am a new mom (even though my kiddo is 2 now) and I spend ALL of my time enjoying spending ALL of my time with her. She is my best creation to date. And while sometimes I find that I am a little lost with out a regular studio schedule and well frankly, begin to pout out loud about it more than I should... I quickly realize that this little girl of mine is so fulfilling in so many big ways and is growing sooooo quickly, that I need to and want to be and ARE, "all in" as a parent.

So here I am. A mom. Learning every day how to balance my new role with my demanding artistic self (and also trying to silence that evil inner critic that seems to have such a loud voice). In the time that I do allow myself to create, I have been off on a side adventure making all sorts of jewelry. Short spurts during a nap or after my daughter goes to sleep at night, I tend to gravitate to assembling and building new jewelry designs and it is really gratifying! (and easy to pick up and put down, unlike my lengthy oil painting process) You can see what I have been creating here in my Etsy shop, then please buy something because of this:

I do still find time to paint too! It just takes way longer to finish one. I do small work when I can, like the one above, but last year I was fortunate enough to do several large commission pieces which is my absolute favorite! 

I am really really interested in finding other women (and men too) that balance their parental responsibilities and being an artist. I think it is so inspiring to read about those that have really made it work for them (and their families) and to hear about others struggles and successes in the process.

So what direction is this blog going? I am not sure - a little of this/a little of that, new painting announcements and jewelry designs, and well, since I am a mom first and foremost, probably A LOT about my daily opportunities and adventures between toddler and my creative process. (warning: there may be some whiny tidbits, and woah's me moments, but they are always in good fun with humor and an underlying tinge of my "make fun of myself" attitude. Thank you for your understanding)

Know any new mom's going through the same growth as I? PLEASE SHARE MY BLOG - let's start a dialogue and create a support network to inspire and motivate! (if you need that sort of thang like me!)

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