Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Stolen Jewelry FOUND today in Seattle!

Today was an incredible day...

But rewind for a minute... If you hadn't heard by now, a week ago, my car was broken into after making a delivery to the Columbia City Gallery. So of course, my little Jeep was full of my hand-painted teeny tiny Scrabble Tile jewelry... and of course, I had "Baby Brain" (yes. I am pregnant.), as I ran my next errand at Good Will and promptly left my jewelry and other personal items out in plain view for someone to steal from me... so, of course, as I didn't expect, and didn't deserve, someone DID.

Valued at over $11,000, my art and personal items were gone in a flash. All of my best jewelry pieces (2 months of hard work) were to be shown at Art in the Pearl in Oregon next weekend... and they were, welp, I had no idea where they were... and feared the worst. I panicked for a short lived moment, while quickly trying to cancel my cell phone service to my, now stolen, iPhone... and then snapped out of it (sort of). I wasn't going to go without a fight!!!

PROACTIVE became my middle name. I contacted police immediately and when I got home, Facebooked and Tweeted until my fingers were blue! I had help from local online papers like the Renton Patch, Queen Anne News, and Edmonds News, writing about my ordeal... and finally my fantastic brother got the idea to get local TV news involved, so we frantically started hitting the phones... my goal? To reach out to the community for help - I was praying that someone, somewhere, would eventually see something.

So Komo 4 News and Q13 Fox News both came out to interview me. I was so grateful they were interested in my story. It was a surreal experience being on tv... and after that my life was impacted in such amazing ways. I began to received emails and comments from friends, family, and people I had never even met... all supporting me and sending so many good wishes! It was such an amazing feeling. All week, the love just kept pouring in! And as the days went by, I was able to let go of my loss, of all the hours that I had poured into my work, and was really feeling the calming effects of seeing this experience as "it is what it is".

So today, for the first time since my ordeal, I was packing up my things to go to the studio and get back to work, when I discovered I had missed a message on my phone at home. Komo 4 News had received a tip that my jewelry box had been FOUND! The poor little baby in my tummy was involuntarily doing summersaults as I jumped around my room yelling, clicking my heals with excitement!!! I was floored! It couldn't beeeeeee! But yes, it was true!

I was promptly put in touch with a wonderful talented girl, Geneiva Arunga, who I was so fortunate to have met today. She and several other artist's had come across my missing box of jewelry at a bus stop right out in front of their studio at M.I.H Records... just a couple miles away from where it was taken! Komo 4 News covered our story today as I was reunited with my little painted gems and as I got to thank several of the artists at M.I.H. Records for their good Samaritan deeds!

Needless to say, I am a strong believer in synchronicity and the law of attraction... there is a reason why all this happened to me. There is a reason why these wonderful people where drawn into my life. I am excited to spend some time thinking of creative ways to "pay it forward"... to give back to those that have really enhanced my life so graciously.

Thank you everyone for your support in my artistic adventures... You really are the reason why I do what I do.

Please help me share the love...
* Check out the work of hip hop artist Big-Dubb, that I met today... holy talented!!!
* And don't forget to go "Like" M.I.H. Records fan page on Facebook
* AND listen to the spoken words of Geneiva Arunga, a fabulous poet, who's passion for art and caring heart have truly touched me today...

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Andrea Pramuk said...

Incredible that they came back! Wonderful news :).

Anonymous said...

This is great news Jennifer! Glad there were good people around to help bring back your works.