Thursday, January 27, 2011

Waiting for My Creative Muse...

So. This is what I have to do sometimes... just lay and wait for something to happen. It is often I show up to the "easel" and... begin to panic... over-think... worry... over-plan... try to control EVERYTHING about my painting or a show I am painting for. Well today I learned (from my fantastic friend and painter Lisa Lamoreaux) that you can't micromanage your creative muse. If you do, she doesn't show. You can't control her. And I have no business even trying. My job is to paint. That's it! Just show up, it's that easy.

So today, after spending a great deal of time worrying about what colors to use, what if I forgot how to paint, is this piece too big for the show, what will I paint next, blah blah blah... After spending as much time as I could in swimming in self sabotage, I finally shut down my over active inner critic and... guess what? - my muse showed up!

The following resulted after spending 5 hours of time NOT thinking at all:

Untitled Diptych
Oil on two wood panels

The start to my new year has been wonderful! (except for the part where I got Pneumonia) I have moved into a new studio in Renton, WA with a wonderful friend and inspiring artist, Lisa Lamoreaux. This new space has a lot more walls that will allow for me paint bigger and work on several things at once. Additionally, my new studio mate and I are business buddies and accountability partners! It has been so amazing spending time with Lisa on a regular basis to share ideas, plan our year, and simply check in with each other on our goals etc... I think after spending the last three years painting at home really makes me realize now how important it is to be surrounded by other artists. It is super motivating. Especially because we share a lot of the same drive and passion for what we do... I look forward to new adventures this year indeed!

I have a full schedule again this year with 2 shows coming up this March and April at the Cole Gallery and Lucia Douglas Gallery. AND I am happy to announce that I will be featured in American Art Collector Magazine this coming April!!! Lots of new things on the horizon I will be sharing more later!

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The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

You are always inspiring. I needed to read this today. May Ms. Muse grace me as she has you.

Casey Klahn said...

Good to get your update. I wondered what was up with that mega studio space you are laying in. Congrats on that!

I heard Picasso would try to fall asleep, and just as the pencil was dropping from his fingers, he would awake and start to draw.

Never tried it, though.

Joe Hox said...

I can relate entirely. I have had moments where I was worried about having killed my muse with the slashing brushwork of the last painting session. Turns out she just had mono or some such excuse.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jen!!.....That's it, I'm moving in with you ladies lol. My muse is sleeping, I need to surround myself with inspiration soon before I lose my artistic abilities .

So happy for you and your success!!


Abby Creek Art said...

Hi Jennifer...that first photo cracked me up! I feel like that a lot and have also found that getting out of my head is the doorway to creativity.

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks for your comments everyone! It's good to be back in the studio painting a bit more consistently now a days. Added color to the piece in this blog post yesterday... laid on the floor a bit before I tackled it again too.

Casey- I tried to fall asleep and wake myself up before I dozed off, but ended up just taking a nap. Quickly snapped out of it before I hit REM sleep thank god or I would have been out for the evening!

Leslie Sealey said...

What a great post! I will look forward to seeing your work in American Art Collector, that's exciting. And, congratulations on the new studio. It sounds like you have a good business partner and fellow artist to work with; that's also good for your creativity. I know what you mean about the Muse; she won't come and visit if you try to force things. I have an artist friend who says we need time for "staring at the walls." Daydreaming and thinking are important parts of the process.
Congratulations again on all your good news!

Dana Sullivan said...

Gorgeous! The time spent dithering was well spent. Thanks for the musings on muse.

Susan Roux said...

Oh my gosh, you are hilarious! Love the photo. You bring our inner thoughts to a visual. My muse surprised me too in January and amazing things have been pouring out of me. I can totally relate to the "not over thinking" bit. Sometimes its so hard to be out of our heads. I mean the thoughts just come!

Congrats on all the great stuff happening to you. Good luck with your exhibition.

Jessica Rosemary Shepherd said...

That's so beautiful! I love your tree canopys. Marvellous.