Saturday, April 18, 2009

One down, one to go...

"Turning Red" Study
 Vine Charcoal on Paper
18 1/2" x 19 1/2"

All done! I love it. I love charcoal. It is such a romantic medium. I get to use my fingers to shmear and shmooth and push the particles around... and then erase and carve out those highlights I love so much! Just as if I was holding a brush. Charcoal really allows for such a soft feel, yet with the added benefit of just a hint of texture in the strokes. 

I can't help but to include this one in my next upcoming show in May. In fact, this was so fun that I will most likely do a charcoal for the next 3 pieces too and hang them with the final paintings that are in color - kind of a before and after with two totally different feels.

So time for a selfish plug.. my next show:

Seattle, WA
Friday night -May 8th from 6 pm- 9:30 pm
Saturday night - May 9th from noon - 5 pm

My show location is designated the same as last year at"
Equinox Healing Arts Massage Studio (click for directions)

Now onward to step two. The painting. The part that always scares me to death. STARTING. I must have stared at my blank white gessobord today for like 2 hours, then looked back at my empty palette, and then back at my drawing, back and forth back and forth. I sort of do this every time I start a big project. I tend to paint in my head first. As if I am an actor reciting my lines before a performance. Kind of a ritual for me, mixed with anxiety and excitement. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

What is your pre-painting ritual?


Arco Scheepen said...

Congrats on this one! Turned out great. Anxious to see the painting...

Amalia said...

Really nice Jennifer. It has such a lovely feel...the light, the strokes! Looking forward to seeing the next ones...and you've inspired me to work in charcoal's been since school days, so it's time!

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks you guys!
My love for this medium definitely started in college too... glad to have picked it up again!

Eric D. Greene said...

Looks great!

I'm not a painter (yet) - I do mostly oil pastels and other drawing-type mediums at the moment. But, I'd say for a general pre-artwork ritual I just do a lot of squinting :) I really want to make sure I know where my darkest darks are and my lighest lights. Values are so non-negotiable!
- Eric

Jennifer Phillips said...

I know that some people debate it, but I feel that any act of creating, layering, and arranging color on a given surface is painting. Something I adopted from a few teachers in college... just a different way to look at it.
Squinting IS a great way to simplify shape and value! I do it all the time! It's even greater that I can remove my glasses (if I am wearing them) and avoid the lid strain!
I am a squinting fan for sure!

Kerri Settle said...

This is a really soothing piece of work; I love the softness that the charcoal imparts. You did a wonderful job with it!

Dick Rink said...

Very nice! Your praise for charcoal works very inspiring indeed.

Nina Aidas said...

Oh, this makes me so excited to see the color piece. I can just imagine the color paintings with the charcoal-ones hanging next to eachother!

Hope you will stay tuned in to your creative channel! :)