Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What is Art For?


The quote below I read in an article today. It struck me. 
Got me to think a little bit more about why it is I do what I do in my creative world sometimes.  
The quote is from Ellen Dissanayake who wrote the books
Art and Intimacy and What is Art For?... see what you think.

"Art, is biological. It is an evolutionary adaptation that helped us become human. Art is not, she argues, a set of objects or compositions or paintings. Art, rather, is the behavior that leads to those things. Neither is art handed down only to a select few sensitive souls. Art, she says, is 'making special,' an act that gives us belonging and meaning. It is passed from mother to child. Its origins lie deep in the human past. It makes us human."
- excerpt from an article by Tim Steury in this month's Washington State Magazine.

For a transcript of an interview with Ellen Dissanayake click here.
For Ellen Dissanayake's website click here.

The above image is something new I have been cooking up. Was excited to share because I finished my first prototype the other day... I won't be able to elaborate until I have a clearer understanding as to what I will be doing with these magical little miniatures, but for the time being I have accepted the fact that I absolutely LOVE  to paint them! They are only 3/4" big! More info coming soon!