Monday, February 23, 2009

SLURP your BLOG to BLURB...What the?

"On Top"
Oil on Panel

This morning I went to my studio to paint. Only to find myself plopped in my chair in front of my computer again! I begun clicking around on links from a follower of mine on Twitter and found myself finding all sorts of new helpful information. I visited Clint Watson's "Fine Art Views" blog (check it out) - He has great tools for creating a very professional looking website and more (see also FineArtStudioOnline).

Then it all spiraled pleasantly out of control from there... I've been on the computer for 2 hours already! Whew! Some other great blogs I came across today that are very notable are:

The Crafted Webmaster: Internet Marketing for Artists - Many great artist resources and links available here.

And once again I have to share my excitement about - I already love this site. I have talked about it before. They make beautiful books from your uploaded images. But today I found that you can make YOUR blog into a book! Take any entries you select and have them printed in book format! Blurb calls this process of uploading photos "slurping". I love the lingo! So fantastic! The possibilities are endless! I could even do a book about BERT! (my brush, for those that are new to my blog.) For more information about this click here. Watch the video demo (slurping in action)!

One final note. There's a new blogger in town that I thought I would share with you. Her watercolors are gorgeous and her new blog is one to watch! So far great tips and techniques and words of inspiration... Connie Williams Watercolor Meanders. Enjoy!


Arco Scheepen said...

Thanks for the useful links!
And, of course, nice painting as well!

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks Arco! If you feel like it, you should sign up to follow me on Twitter too! It's really fun... I give more useful links there as well - but in a less "wordy" way.
Check it out!

See yah!