Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Firehouse Coffee Shop in Ballard... visit my show!

This week I set up my show at the Firehouse Coffee shop in Ballard (Seattle, WA). My work will be up through January 31st and will be rotating - as they sell, I will replace with new work to keep it fresh since it is there for two months. I have a little selection at the Firehouse Coffee Shop, of my pocket sized landscapes all framed up and ready for the giving this holiday season! They should fit in any standard size Christmas stocking too... Please come down and take a look at my work on display! 
"Stand Up to You"
2x4" (approx. 9x11 with frame)
Oil on Canvas, Pocket Landscape embellished with cracked surface

Whimsical in form, yet making a statement. This piece was inspired by a trip I took over and through the cascades to Eastern Washington. Trees often take on human qualities, or I should say I have a tendency to bring the inanimate to life... they stand there, often in ways that remind me of myself.
In this case, there was a section of the mountains that had been sadly cleared of trees. Only stumps and debris remained. This tree stood on the edge over looking this vast area of destruction and seemed as if it wasn't phased by it. It stood there with a posture that said, " HA! Your not gonna bring me down!" as if it were standing up to the force that knocked down all his tree friends... it wasn't a scaredy tree anyway...

6x12" Oil on Panel unframed

When I was little, my friend and I would tromp through the neighborhood forest preserve... we had very active imaginations. Often we would pretend that we were lost in the woods and no one would ever find us. We were only 8, but we would use our special "Macgyver" skills to make forts out of twigs and wood and survive on eating the local neighborhood black berries until dark, only to run home to mom's home cooked meals! ... ahh memories.


René PleinAir. said...

Hehehehe nice story!

And nice little gems you make.

Congratulation with the show, I'll bed you have a good fire-insurance now(lol)

Found you by Leslie Sealy.

Lody said...

Good Really