Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Marathon Show Installation

6" x 6"
Oil on Panel

Whew... Sunday was amazing! Spent theee whole day installing my two shows at the coffee shops. Had to break out my decision making skills as I had to pick which painting would hang next to the other for the most effective flow - My mom always told me "Presentation is Everything Jenny!" - now a days that seems to come in handy. Thanks Mom.

Above is the final display of my Pocket Series at Neptune Coffee. I put numbers under each "specimen" to identify which one is which on a title/price sheet hanging near by... kind of reminds me of a display of butterflies or insects in a museum.

I had a lot of fun creating "Seasoned". I love the soft purples placed in the background. Yummy yummy with the complimentary yellows of the foreground. This piece can be seen live in person at Makeda Coffee through the 30th this month.


Jeanne Bauer said...

What a great blog! Your work is wonderful.I'll be back later to click on every link. I thought I recognized your work from Daniel Smith catalog. Well done.jb

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks Jeanne! Checked out your blog too and your work is wonderful and full of yummy use of color!
Seems we share a liking for oil pastels too!