Monday, August 11, 2008

I've Been Published!

"Wooded" 10x30 
Oil on canvas, mounted to hardbord (prints available)

I am excited to announce that my painting above has been featured in the new Daniel Smith Artist Materials reference catalog for 2008/2009! I was honored to have worked with them to help design a new oil paint set back in July. The set contains the colors I currently use based on a warm and cool of each primary.  You can view these colors and a tid bit that I wrote here... it is a virtual version of the catalog - just flip to page 25 when you get there. 

Also worked on a few new pieces today AND took on another project... ANOTHER SHOW IN SEPTEMBER. Yes folks. I will be having two shows simultaneously on the same street! Check out it out on Greenwood and 78th on September 1st at Makeda Coffee (and wine and beer!) and then pop on over to Neptune Coffee (and wine and beer!) just down the street! 
Whew! I have soooo much MORE painting to do now. 

But as you can see, I can't seem to stop my blogging.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

Two shows at the same time,
within a few blocks of each other... Go Slack!!!


Wakar said...

Congratulations on the paint set and the shows. Hope you take some pics so we can see how much fun you had dashing back and forth between each show! :)


Jennifer Phillips said...

Thank you guys and I will take some pics... although I usually tend to forget cause I am too busy yappin'!