Sunday, August 24, 2008

Six Days Left!

There is something about planning for a show (or two) that always sneaks up on me. I make my lists, check things off as I do them, bite my nails and cross my fingers that I won't forget something really important... but no matter how much I plan, things always take longer than I expect. Actually, I find that life is like that. I wonder if I will ever learn to plan farther in advance? After each show, I make a pact with myself to start on things sooner... it just never seems to happen. Does anyone have any advice for such a slacker?

Above is the start of my layout to display my Landscape Pocket Series at my next shows. Been busy painting a little larger too, but have had a hard time taking good photos due to the weather here in Seattle... rain, rain, go away! 

I love the sound of pitter pattering rain drops at night. The smell of the pavement outside and the cool breeze passing through my window. Very peaceful. Sometimes I long for a thunder storm like I used to experience back when I was a kid in the burbs of the Chicago area.

Oil on Panel

NOTE: This painting is not levitating in the middle of my studio... I'm holding it in my hand trying to avoid the awful glare of my studio lights.


The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Followed a link from a Daniel Smith email to your website and blog. Thoroughly enjoying your work and blog. I will be back often to follow Brush Bert's escapades. As I'm just venturing into the great unknown of palettes and paints (I'm a pencil junkie) I have found both your blog and your links very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer Phillips said...

That's awesome!!!
It's comments like this that really fuel my creative fire! Thanks! I used to work for DS for over 10 years and I consider myself an art materials junkie, so if you EVER have ANY questions or need advice I love to share!