Thursday, August 21, 2008

A New Size of Pocket Landscape!

Tree 1

Introducing the 2x4... my newest edition to the Landscape in Your Pocket series! Still fits on the miniature easel it comes with - to see more click here

I took my studio outside today, on the porch to be exact. Didn't get vary far past the front door to have my little plein air session. There are just so many inspiring trees on my street that I just decided to stay there for the day. Right now I am on this kick - painting a single tree in an empty landscape. I let the colors and the edges create the mood, it's really quite serene. 

Had fun assembling these little guys into groups of two four to hang together at my next shows starting September 1st at the Neptune and Makeda Coffee. After painting from 12:30 til about 8:45 pm, I finally put the brush down and called it a night. (my butt hurt and was getting dark, but mostly my butt really hurt - hard slate for a seat just doesn't cut it.)

I will be assembling some of my oil pastels into their frames over the next couple days and will try to document it for my next post. Trying something new, so stay tuned!


Just Plain 'Jane' said...

loving it and staying tuned for more!

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks Jane!

marcobucci said...

great little paintings! I like what you're doing with edges.

Ambera said...

beautiful little tree!
How do you get that crackle?

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks Ambera!
The crackle is a tweaked formula I use with a paste called Golden Crackle Medium...

Side note: anyone reading this should check out Ambera's Petites on her new blog! They are wonderful!