Friday, August 15, 2008

Disaster Averted

Oil pastel on hardboard

No that is not doggie doo doo on Dozer's toe nail. It's my painting. Number 37 Sennelier Oil Pastel to be exact. 

Had my painting on the floor to get an arial view, and my little buddy came down stairs to pay me a visit... I looked up an noticed him trying to wiggle between all my other paintings strewn across the floor to get to me. Instant panic set in and I boasted a command that I use quite often. It works fairly well on dogs. Especially if you want them to panic like you are panicking.

I yelled something like, "DOZER!" and he jumped wondering what just hit him. Then I squealed like a little girl, something really fast like, " OUT! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!", with my hands flailing all over the place... You know in cartoons when the character is trying to run really fast to get away and their legs are a circular blur? Well that was poor Dozer. He couldn't move fast enough, as the slippery basement floor didn't help with traction at all. So during his scramble, he managed to take out one of my paintings, scooping up some grassy field and soft blue sky under his long sharp toe nails. Ahhhh, fantastic.

Wouldn't have happened if I hadn't raised my voice. If I would have said the same words in whisper mode, it would have been just fine. So I picked up my injured painting and with MY tail between my legs and a few profanities, I went back up into my studio and repainted over the damage. 'Cause four big nail scratches across my painting didn't really fit into the composition.

So everything worked out in the end. Painting fixed, Dozer and I licked and made up, and I learned from my experience. Guess it pays not to loose your composure. Ironically, this piece was titled "Composed", so it is very fitting.

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