Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shi Shi Beach, WA Adventure

This just in... these lucky three are on their way to Indiana! 
Purchased by a wonderful friend~ Enjoy your new mini's! Thank you Scott!

I just got back from a camping trip to THEE most beautiful stretch of Washington State beach that I have ever experienced - Shi Shi beach! And on top of that, I got to spend my time with one of the coolest chics on the planet... we hiked, climbed on the rocks, played with hermit crabs, observed many wild creatures (like a deer wading in salt water! What the?!), ate dehydrated snacks, filtered our own water, drank from a bag of wine, and made smooshie smores. All in two days! 

My show is this week - I will be busy preparing for it for the next few days. I didn't paint as many miniatures as I would have liked, but I feel pretty good with 30, so we will see how it goes... Check out all the new paintings at my website! Lots of new small and large ones~


Vulcan Endeavors said...

You are awesome!! Keep painting hard and eating smooshie smores for energy!

Deborah Burns said...

Hi Jen,

Glad you had a fun time camping! See you at the Bellevue Arts Fair!


Anonymous said...

Hi Slack,

I can't wait to get home and hang
them up. I'm sure they will brighten any room!
Thanks SO much Jen!!!

Glad to read that you did
good at Bellevue!