Monday, June 30, 2008

Ahh my day has come for blogging

Should have started blogging sooner! WELCOME to the newest chapter in my life! 2008 marks the year for many milestones for me! The biggest one, quitting my job to pursue my dreams of becoming a full time artist! Since then I have stayed disciplined and have been painting like a mad woman...soooo rewarding! Several shows have already been had this year with more on the way. 
Thank you to everyone who has supported me through my process, for those who have helped me stay focused, and for those who have shared their experiences with me through out the months! 
Stay tuned as I take you on daily adventures with my paint brush...I will introduce you to him later...
(I am not responsible for any spelling errors in this here blog. I am an artist... not a speller, or a mathematician, and I don't do toilets for that matter either... Please talk to my customer service department if you have any complaints due to eye soreness or brain swelling from a break down in spell checking capabilities. Thank you.)

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Deborah Burns said...

Congratulations Jennifer on your new Art Focus, your full-time Art
Endevors, and your new blog!