Thursday, March 10, 2011

Art Opening, Got Published, and NEW paintings!

If you already haven't received my emails, event postings on Facebook, Tweets, and heard me screaming from the top of a mountain about my upcoming show... then here is my final attempt to put my work in front of your nose! SO many new paintings to be had, I just can't wait for the opening!

Especially because this time, I am showing with a very good friend of mine, Lisa Lamoreaux! Did you know we met on TWITTER? She tweeted, I responded, and we have been friends ever since! And to think, that if we didn't have Social Networking??? We would have never crossed paths! Whew, glad we did. Check out her work. Matter of fact, just check out our show online or in person at the Cole Gallery!

Champagne Reception
Thursday, March 17th
Edmonds, WA

Click here to see my show online (or at least most of it)

"Release Me" - diptych, by Jennifer Phillips
36x72, Oil on Wood Panels

"All Things are Beautiful", by Lisa Lamoreaux
Oil with Mixed Media, 36x24
Available for purchase through Cole Gallery
See her available work online here.

LOOK FOR ME! I will be featured in the April issue of American Art Collector Magazine! Coming soooooooon to a mag stand near you!!!

For more info about upcoming shows in my near future, please visit my website here.


Anonymous said...

Grats on being published and your new show! Always a fan :)Connie.

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks so much Connie!