Thursday, July 8, 2010

Three Weekends in a Row!

Oil on Canvas Mounted to Panel
Please contact Cole Gallery for purchase information

July marks the beginning of ... whelp... my head spinning... with three art shows in a row starting this weekend, I am sure to be busy busy busy! And I LOVE it! So I have to say that there may be a little delay in my blog posts for the rest of the month. I highly recommend you follow me on Facebook in the meantime - just click the "like" button when you get there and you'll see what I am up to, shorthand style!

I will be in the following places (what feels like all at once) this Month:

July 10th & 11th
Choochokam Arts Festival, Langley, WA Booth #A22
*SALE on remaining inventory of PRINTED tree charms - $10 bucks off!

July 16th - 18th
Salem Art Fair, Salem, OR Booth #129

July 23rd - 25th
Bellevue Festival of the Arts, Bellevue, WA Booth #51

Please visit my website here for more detailed show information for July and the rest of the year, or/and click on the links above. Will I be in a city near you???


.Caroline Bray Art said...

Love the lighting in 'Gathering', creeping through the branches and blurring the edges...

Best of luck with the July shows, I'm sure you'll be a huge hit!

Anonymous said...

A very beautiful piece Jen. Glad your keeping busy, your gonna need a vacation after all that work :)

Happy painting!


Alan blog said...

Lovely painting. I love this. Nice picture with beautiful artist ;).

Vida said...

It´s very beautiful your pictures!