Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Show Announcements and a lil' May News Flash!

Picture above is from a current display of my jewelry and small works at the Venue in Ballard, WA

April shows starting THIS WEEK!
Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, and Ballard ~ Seattle, WA

Macrina Bakery
Now Showing through April 30th
Queen Anne location, Mcgraw Street, Seattle, WA
On display: Oil pastels, framed mini oil paintings, and a large Giclee reproduction
Studio SALE: 30% off select art works!

Vino Verite
Now Showing through April 30th
Capital Hill location, Seattle, WA
Artwalk/artist's reception this Thursday, April 8th from 5pm - 8pm * FREE WINE TASTING! at 6pm
Artwalk map and venue list click here.
On display: Large and midsize oil paintings, a large Giclee reproduction, (and many necklaces at Thursday Artwalk only)

Sneak peak for next month...
Ongoing representation AND featured show May 8th
Ballard, Seattle, WA
Artwalk/Artist's reception Saturday, May 8th from 6pm - 9pm (or later)
Artwalk map and venue list click here.

This just in! ~Newsflash~ I will not be showing at this Greenwood Phinney Artwalk this year!
"WHA!?" - That's right folks, I didn't not get juried in! But it's okay! I have a NEW gig!

If you follow my fan page on Facebook, you already know that I now have ongoing representation at a wonderful boutique/artist work space called the Venue in Ballard. Well this coming May, I will be their featured artist for Ballard Artwalk! AND it is on Mother's Day weekend!
Please come down to Ballard for a wonderful night of art, snacks, and fun! Many many wonderful gift ideas and other artist's work to see! I will have a bazillion Tree Charms for Mom's Day gifts!!!

Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice presentation Jen! That is the key isn't it? I'm so bummed that I'm going to miss the free wine!!!! Good luck with the shows, I'm sure they will be a success with all that talent of yours!


becky said...

Good Luck with all your upcoming shows! Your display looks great~ your mini paintings with the easels are adorable... AND, I got your tree charm in the mail & I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

Jennifer Phillips said...

Wish you ladies lived closer! You both sound like a lot of fun... and we would all be very VERY gigglie at an opening with all the wine that's available!

Becky, I am sooooo happy that your new little tree charm has planted itself in your heart! Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Dawn + wine = very gigglie!! I'm ashamed to say that alcohol makes me a better person LOL! :)